Thursday, 5 July 2012

Edmondsley Woods

I like to go out for a nice walk,along with my dad and Mr Hinks and on occasion with friends. It's always nice to see a bit of our beautiful countryside, especially at this time of year what with all the different flowers,trees and other plants and there array of wonderful colours, sure beats sitting around in the house.

A beautiful old moss covered tree

So today we ventured out in our car and decided to look for somewhere not to far away to go for a  walk. I like to visit new places take in the scenery and explore different trails, who knows I may come across somewhere decent to go with my bike whilst out on a mini adventure.

Anyhoo we drove over to Waldridge Fell, as my dad had seen a spaniel which appeared to be lost last night whilst he had wor Hinks out for a walk and he was wondering if it was still hanging about looking for it's owners. The spaniel wasn't there so hopefully it's found it's way home. Well the carpark was full of cars and people out  with their dogs, so we headed over to Edmondsley. That's when we saw the sign for Edmondsley Woods and nature reserve, so we parked up and went to check out the local wood land. It was pretty wet, muddy and very slippy .Worth venturing down the trail though as the woods are beautiful, lots of variety in the foliage, loads of different colours and it's really peaceful.

So even though my limb isn't fitting well and causing me a lot of discomfort I really enjoyed my morning out with Ern and Mr Hinks.

Maybe if I just stay still they won't see me

Me @ Edmondsley Woods

Howdy Doodee!!! ;)

If your interested checkout the following link to a Pdf Doc, tells you a little bit about Edmondsley Woods.

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