Thursday, 2 August 2012

A lookout to the Scotish Borders

On my return from Edinburgh the other week I got my eye on a fantastic looking  viaduct and made a mental note to have a look back up to check it out. So along with my dad,Kyle and Mr Hinks, as well as a few friends including Essi and the Hair family we all ventured up to the Scottish borders to take in this amazing piece of construction.

The viaduct in question is called the Leaderfoot Viaduct, it was constructed in 1865 to carry the Berwickshire Railway, connecting Reston on the East Coast Main Line with St Boswells on the Waverley.

  A little more history of the Viaduct can be found here

Leaderfoot Viaduct

 All-though I enjoyed the day I was a bit disappointed in my photo's, just not quite catching that perfect shot and I had a nightmare with my camera. I know my Canon is only a smallish compact but it usually takes a good shot, unfortunately for some reason not today. Maybe it was the bright light or a bit of dense operator bother on my part I'm not quite sure. When I had the camera on Auto it registered an ISO of 160, strange as if you pop the camera in manual mode the ISO settings go straight from either 100 to 200, nothing in between. 

Anyhoo here's a few of the shots.......

Leading to Broomhill

 Notice when I took this shot the corn was making a cross symbol, maybe a sign that my pics weren't going to come out to good

Corn Cross

Looking over the field at a large hill

Looking from old road bridge

Leaderfoot Viaduct

Under and to the side


  1. An area i know Glenn, yet have never rode a MTB under (or along) the viaduct!, there are trails nearby we rode years a go -:)

  2. Loving some of these shots Glenn !!!

  3. Hi Bruce,your so lucky to live in this sort of area, when I check out your Blog you always seem to have somewhere interesting quite locally to set off to. I mean we have some nice area's too just to ride there and back well it's a tad too far. I did a 38 mile loop on Sunday for instance and I'm still sore lol....Just invested in some new cycling shorts see if that helps :)

  4. Aww thanks for the kind comments too glad you like the shots ;)