Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunrise Secret

Checked the weather forecast last night and it said today should be a nice day, well in the morning at least. So I got my gear ready as I had a plan to shoot a bit of video at an area your not really supposed to ride the following morning. I asked wor Kyle and my dad if they fancied a look out with me to help take some shots, explaining I would be getting up at around 5:00am so as I could be at the undisclosed location at 5:49 for the sunrise. They both said they would come along. I think it's mainly to try catching me falling off my bike so they can have a good laugh about it lol.

The sunrise was very pretty,well worth getting up for....

A Beautiful Sunrise

Really enjoyed playing about on my Sandman, it's fantastic when you can find a nice bit of trail to ride, it's just a shame this area your not supposed to use a bike on.

Check out further on for more pic's and a movie I made of today's adventure

Kyle got some canny shots of me just messing about as the morning went on and we also found a tree where we put my bike to take some pics....

Stunning area of natural beauty

Nice trail, so much fun
Here's a few shots of my bike and  errrr a tree!!!

A bit of sunburst

A nice flare

I had one more bit play around near the car park over a little bump in the grass. Only went a caught me nuts off the back of my saddle, so in the picture below I can be seem massaging my bits back into shape lol

ooh dear !!!!


I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions of the various dog walkers we met whilst out, not one of them complained about me actually riding.  This usually isn't the case I have found myself getting whined at even when I've been on a designated cycle route lol. Even got into a conversation with 2 lovely ladies who were out walking there little Scottie dogs. It turned out one of them was a keen photographer and very interested in my Bartlett Tendon, so I gave her my details just in case she would like to take some pics sometime. It's really great being able to get out in the fresh air, getting down with nature and meeting nice people on your adventures.

Oh and today I only fell off once, but it wasn't my fault. I blames Kyle and Ern as you will see at the ending of my video they blocked my path and pushed me lol ;)     Yeah and watch wor Kyle at the end of the video, see how willing he is to help me up :)

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