Monday, 13 August 2012

To ride or not to ride that is the question?

As the title says "To ride or not to ride, that is the question". Ok so whilst out for a walk with Ern (my dad) and Mr Hinks our slightly fruit cake of an English Bull terrier, we ventured out to an area which I won't disclose for a walk.

Though I had been to this place before I hadn't really explored it, however on having a look around yesterday I thought "wow this would make an awesome place to shoot a short Fat Bike movie". Now here's my dilemma, the actual place I'm talking about has signs up saying "No Horses or cycling". So on the one hand as a law abiding citizen the little angel on my shoulder is saying "No stick to the rules", yet on the other shoulder my little devil is saying " Be a rebel just go for it". I mean if I did go ride the trail I have seen it would be very early in the morning I'd like to catch a nice sunrise. Also I wouldn't be riding this area on a regular basis it would be a one off, just to get the shot I'm after.

So I don't know what to do, guess I'm looking for input from people, what do you think? Am I seriously impacting on the eco system by riding maybe an hour or two in this area. What will happen if I get caught will I be slapped with an Asbo or have to face criminal proceedings.


  1. I understand your dilemma after walking this trail with you and seeing the potential of a cracking video (or two ) you could always plead insanity if you got caught I suppose

  2. Well it says nothing about wheelchairs being forbidden for instance, so tell them that your bike is officially a 'MODIFIED' wheelchair. In all honesty it IS your wheelchair as it allows you to get around which you wouldn't do if you had to walk on that dodgy limb you have at the moment.


  3. I know your not suppose to ride in this area but it's just so tempting and I will only be doing it once. Like I say in my post think I will plan the excursion and go along covertly one morning when no one is about. Maybe if I wear a mask I won't be recognised if I have to make a quick escape lol

  4. Just send Kyle in first...