Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ended up in Struther's Wood

We had a drive down to the Hamsterley Hall Gate House which is on the B6310 and drove along the road until we came upon the road which leads into Hamsterley Hall. As it's private access into the Hall we parked up just along the trail from the Entrance.

Our plans where to just have a leisurely stroll through the woods and take in the scenery, maybe get a few photo's along the way.

We walked until we came to a sign for the Pont Stones and continued up a trail, unfortunately we didn't discover any stones as the trail just seemed to fade out into the surrounding woodland. I used my mobile and Google maps to pin point our location and it appeared we were in Struther's Wood.

Struther's Wood

Mr Hinks had a bit play around, jumping over a fallen tree and rolling around in the undergrowth. He then proceeded to play with a stick and thoroughly enjoyed being let of his leash for a while.

Mr Hinks, doesn't usually jump, he's too lazy lol

Hinks having loads of fun, Ern watching on

We then proceeded back down the trail and continued in a wide loop back towards our car. I was taking various photo's on the way round of stuff I found interesting, however when I've got home and checked the images I was disappointed to find the shots were pretty naff. It's weird sometimes i can go out using the exact same camera and come away with great shots, then on another day I'm lucky if I get one or two. Ahh well that's the beauty of digital photography you can just wipe your memory card and go out and shoot on another day.

So anyhoo we continued walking around the trail towards our car, Hinks was still off and he suddenly stopped in the middle of the trail. This usually means he has spotted something and yes he had another dog. Now wor Hinks is usually fine around other dogs, yes he's a bit boisterous and can play rough, but he is friendly. Well I don't know what upset him, Ern reckons the other dog a Springer Spaniel growled at Mr Hinks, so he proceeded to try and have a go at it. So I'm shouting me heed off I mean I couldn't run (I blame the NHS they won't provide me with a blade lol). Wor Hinks is now in the process of chasing this Springer all over the shop. I then shout at my dad to run and get Hinks, to which he replies "I can't bloody run". Yeah sometimes I forget he's almost 72 years old lol. Anyways eventually get down to Hinks and grab him and there's no real harm done. The lady and gentleman who had the other dog apologized saying there dog could be a "bit funny" and I also said sorry for wor Hinks behaviour, the ickle git. I then grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pinned him down and repeated "No, No,No" in a stern voice. Probably doesn't do any good but made me feel better. Then he was informed "No more getting let off you bad dog".

This is one of the last shots i took as we came out of thee woods. This tree and the bit growing on it caught my eye. I know what it looks like to me but you might see something else.....

I know what it looks like to me.....

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Across the farmers field and down into my local wood at South Stanley

Just a short loop today, up towards and across the farmer's field (don't worry no crops were damaged in the making of the video). Then followed the fields down until I came to a break in the fence and could get into the local woods (South Stanley Woods) which are actually at the bottom of where I live.

Not too many shots today as it was just a quick excursion.

This section of the trail was a lot steeper than it looks

Took a bit of concentration to get over the roots and not end up over the bars

Taking a break in the Woods

I saw this Bee on a pretty flower, went to take a shot and the bloody thing turned round so I got  a photo of it's arse!!!

A Bee's Bottom

Monday, 3 September 2012

Had a bit of fun over the Green

 I had an appointment at Shotley Bridge hospital this morning, nothing serious just my routine check up to make sure the Non Hodgkin's lymphoma I have is behaving itself. Apparently I'm very fortunate as if your going to get cancer this is supposedly one of the better ones.

A quick pop into my Aunt and Uncle's for a coffee on the way back and then it was a case of "Mmmm what to do today".

So I decided I would go for a little blast on my Single Speed and hey why not shoot a small film. I haven't been out on my SS in like ages, this is in part due to me getting my Sandman Fat Bike. I just love the Sandman so much I always get a huge buzz out of riding it.

Anyhoo I got my gear, the GoPro, my new Magic Arm mount, and my compact digital and popped them all in my backpack. Also grabbed a bottle of orange and put that in as boy was it warm today.

I wasn't planning on going far just over some local playing fields on what is know as the Millennium Green. There are a few foot paths that wind there way around various parts of the Green and I thought these would be cool to  just ride about on and get some footage.

Using the magic arm I was able to get a few different angles. It's great fun trying out different positions and a real laugh at times when you come to edit the clips, some angles work whilst others well they don't always make it into the production lol.

 My dad decided he would join me over the Green for a while, so I got a few pics of him having a go on my bike. He said "should I try and bunny hop" and then proceeded to veer slightly of course, so that's why he's got a slightly worried look on his face in the photo below. 

Bit wobbly there like Ern
 Then he decided he would try and hide in a bush!!!!!

Crap Camo Ern

Looking the Part

Me and me Da