Monday, 3 September 2012

Had a bit of fun over the Green

 I had an appointment at Shotley Bridge hospital this morning, nothing serious just my routine check up to make sure the Non Hodgkin's lymphoma I have is behaving itself. Apparently I'm very fortunate as if your going to get cancer this is supposedly one of the better ones.

A quick pop into my Aunt and Uncle's for a coffee on the way back and then it was a case of "Mmmm what to do today".

So I decided I would go for a little blast on my Single Speed and hey why not shoot a small film. I haven't been out on my SS in like ages, this is in part due to me getting my Sandman Fat Bike. I just love the Sandman so much I always get a huge buzz out of riding it.

Anyhoo I got my gear, the GoPro, my new Magic Arm mount, and my compact digital and popped them all in my backpack. Also grabbed a bottle of orange and put that in as boy was it warm today.

I wasn't planning on going far just over some local playing fields on what is know as the Millennium Green. There are a few foot paths that wind there way around various parts of the Green and I thought these would be cool to  just ride about on and get some footage.

Using the magic arm I was able to get a few different angles. It's great fun trying out different positions and a real laugh at times when you come to edit the clips, some angles work whilst others well they don't always make it into the production lol.

 My dad decided he would join me over the Green for a while, so I got a few pics of him having a go on my bike. He said "should I try and bunny hop" and then proceeded to veer slightly of course, so that's why he's got a slightly worried look on his face in the photo below. 

Bit wobbly there like Ern
 Then he decided he would try and hide in a bush!!!!!

Crap Camo Ern

Looking the Part

Me and me Da


  1. Hey Glenn, hope your well, your getting the hang of making these films!, nice angles and editing -:)
    See you in October at the next fatbike meet, if not before -:)


  2. Hi Bruce aww cheers, yeah really enjoy doing the blog and getting the shots. Ooh another fatbike meet cool. Just hope I can get some money together, strapped for cash thanks to Dave and his motley crew lol :)