Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Foggy Fun

Probably not the best day to go out for a bike ride, the weather was proper drab and miserable, been foggy all day, but hey I was bored so decided to venture out,asked wor Kyle if he fancied tagging along (he must have been bored too as he said aye can do)

Didn't really expect to get too many good shots today, as the fog was pretty thick. My GoPro doesn't work to well in bad light and I suppose the same can be said of my digi camera. Never mind I thought may as well just see how stuff turns out.

We didn't really venture too far afield, the trails were pretty muddy (I don't think even the best washing powder in the world will get my mtb gear clean, that bloke who advertises Persil  on Tv or whatever must have a special coating on his stuff , no way can he go for a ride in a white T-Shirt then pop it in the wash after a ride  and then get it out the washer looking like it's just come off the hanger new from the shop, either that or he's a pussy and doesn't ride proper trails lol)

Anyhoo getting soaking wet, filthy dirty and freezing cold aside we both really enjoyed ourselves.

I got a little bit of video, though due to the bad light and all the rain, fog and mud at times the lens got a bit wet n dirty.

Bad Boy Muddy errrr!!!  Hoody


Ooh Errr it's my Race Face

I like to make waves

Alllreeet Like

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