Thursday, 17 January 2013

Just ordered some Surly Nate's for my Fat Bike...

Well I'm well fed up, got my self a Fat Bike and the snow is pretty much on the ground, yet I haven't been for a ride this year. No it's not because I'm afraid of the cold weather.As many of you will know it's because I've had surgery, just a small biopsy, unfortunately this went on to get infected so has delayed my recovery slightly. 

 I have to admit when walking on snow and ice with my normal everyday prosthetic limb it's pretty difficult and scary, very weird when you can't feel your foot, so not entirely sure when it's under you or not lol. I think I much prefer to be on my bike, somehow I get a sense it will be much more stable.

Anyhoo onto the subject of this post... I've found it quite difficult riding over the last few wet months. I've just have no traction in this thick gloopy stuff we have had around on local trails. So I decided to seek advice from fellow Fat Bikers and invest in a pair of Surly Nate's. I ordered my tyres from Charlie the Bike Monger and they should arrive here any day now. As soon as they are here, it will be a case of off with my current tyre's which are Surly Larry's and on with the new Nate's. Then it's just getting the all clear to say it's pretty much safe to ride, nothings going to split open or drop off and I will be out on the trails testing them out. In fact come Saturday if I feel up to it I may have an ickle  none to strenuous look out as it's my intention to get some shots each month for a calendar project I have in mind, so need to catch at least one pic for each month...If something does drop off I can always get a photo I suppose for that month lol...

From Surly Website


  1. Hope you are well enough to get out soon Glenn
    The Nates have been a good addition to the Fat Bike so far and keepin me rolling through the gloop!

  2. Cheers Bruce sure it won't be to much longer before I'm able to venture out. My Nate's arrived today while i was at work and my dad very kindly fitted them for me. Just got to tighten up axles, check on front brake mount as bolt required replacing and also check air pressure's ;)

  3. These are the easiest tyres that I have ever fitted didn't even need tyre levers.but not recomended to over inflate as they blow off the rims.

  4. Hey thanks dad for popping me tyre's on whilst I was at work, can't understand how I managed to get a flat even though I hadn't even been out for a ride lol :)