Saturday, 26 January 2013

WoW that was a tough outing!!!

OMG!!! I'm either really, really unfit, or today's outing was just really, really tough, maybe it was a bit of both to be fair as I'm absolutely knackered after today's adventure.

I didn't really go all that far, just along to Craghead and down towards and in Fox Parrot Wood. I thought with the snow we had last night that the riding wouldn't be too bad, how wrong was I. It seems to be quite warm today as while the remaining snow is quite deep, it's so soft and wet that it's very hard to ride on...or should that be in...yes definitely in as I found I wasn't so much gliding over the top, more a kind of snow plough through it.

My alarm went off at 7:00am, probably because I had it set for then lol. My initial thoughts were to hopefully catch a nice sunrise, you see I missed an amazing one during the week on my way to work. Well when I say missed I mean I saw it just didn't have time to take any pictures of it. Although the sun has been quite bright today the sunrise wasn't as pretty as the other day, ah well never mind.

I decided to get well wrapped up today and actually wore pants, bloody hell I was sweating like hell. I'm not used to wearing long pants I'm more of a shorts type guy, with a pair of tights if it's really cold. Yeah proper cycling tights I'm not a tranny or anything.

Anyhoo got down to near Fox Parrot Woods and it was tough going. I guess because not many people had walked the trails it meant the snow was a bit deep and then what with it melting it was a bit of a nightmare. The places I couldn't ride I had to walk with my bike, this was hard in itself what with me walking straight legged. I couldn't be bothered to disconnect my tendons and adjust my knee settings (I know lazy).

If you had seen me trying to set my camera to take 4 shots at a 30 second interval and then click the button, kind of run, hop and jump my way back to my bike in the snow, get clipped in and then set off in time to get the ideal shot you would have been in stitches.I did manage to get a few snaps of myself...yes inevitably falling off just as I got on my bike D'oH.

Video wise Grrrr!!! I took my Panasonic HD cam corder and ended up not taking one video as the dam camera button is also on the same switch as the video, so I got loads of crap photo's when I thought I was taking awesome arty picturesque video scenes of running streams and dear tracks,moss covered trees, icicles etc. Never mind my Go Pro stuff didn't come out too bad and I've put the footage together for another of my short video's.

It's weird when I was out I had to take my new Seal Skin gloves off for the ride home my hands were red hot... As I'm typing this (yes in doors) I find my hands are freezing...Now then where did I put those gloves.


  1. Well done on the filming Glenn, i understand the extra effort it takes you to set up the camera with making films myself.
    Has been some great snow this winter!

  2. Hey Bruce, yeah it's pretty exhausting at times when filming as you constantly find yourself covering twice as much ground just to get one shot. As you know you have to set up the camera,walk back to your bike take the shot then ride back to retrieve your camera. I think the Hero 3 has a neat bluetooth remote which could be handy. Never mind all part of the fun of making the moviez and a bit extra exercise lol...