Saturday, 23 February 2013

A snowy ride along a trail next to Tanfield Railway

Opened my blinds this morning to be greeted by quite a bit of snow. Got ready, grabbed my gear and I was off out on my Fat Bike.

I wasn't really sure where I was thinking of going, needed to clear my head and riding my bike generally helps. I've had a bit of a crap week this week, firstly being informed I've been turned down at my appeal tribunal to be kept in the Support group of Employment Support Allowance and then on Thursday finding out I can't claim Job Seekers Allowance because of me doing voluntary work, so basically I have very little money coming in and it's canny worrying. Anyhoo no good stressing and I certainly don't want to get anyone down by listening to me bleat on, this blog is supposed to be about fun,following my adventures and well just letting you see what I'm up to.

It's so difficult trying to get a shot of yourself

So back to the ride... I headed over towards South Moor, wasn't to keen riding up South Moor bank on the road, however the paths were a bit slushy so pounded my way up the bank. I had my new rear light on so no probs with being seen, still didn't stop people in cars from actually buzzing my bars.."muppets give me room" I'm on a Fat bike you know lol.

From South Moor a ickle ride half way down the shit hole which is Stanley, wow what a dump. I can say this as I live in Stanley lol. I cut in at the Vets and headed down the side of the R.A.O.B club, this got me on to the C2C and a ickle way down I cut of to the left and headed down and into Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate.

Once through the "Factories" I got back on to the main road that leads to Tanfield Village and again a short ride to the entrance of Tanfield Railway. There is a nice bit of single track here and this is where I headed, riding along and coming out at the Causey Arch (the oldest surviving single span bridge in the world) I think, see my older post on it.

Once at the Causey I decided to ride back in the direction of Shield Row and again got back on the C2C. A bit of a slog up the C2C as the snow hadn't half fallen, it was real tough going. I eventually got to the bottom of the housing estate Heatherway and Bracken Close. I was knackered had a little push of my bike (after all it's all up hill and the trail was pretty thick with snow)

I came out at the carpark at the new Iceland, then a case of back on my bike, through Stanley again, yeah it's still a dump nothing changed there...Once at the top of Wear Road it's all downhill....WhooooHoo!!! awww crap that bleaching snow didn't half sting my eyes, they were watering like hell and I couldn't see when I got in lol.

Oh and on a side not my Bartlett Tendon is preforming well. I would never have dreamed I would be able to keep my balance in such slippy conditions on my bike at one time (well certainly couldn't with my old non Bartlett Knee) The confidence this design instils is amazing, obviously you have to put the effort in, however it's so worth it.

Loving this song I chose for my latest video by Band of Horses it's called  "The Funeral"


  1. Another nice vid there bud. Hey ye getting good at this milarky now !!

  2. Cheers Ade, god I'm kanckered now lol twas hard going :)

    Spotted some lovely area's within the trees for more pro shots, all the snow was covering the boughs n branches looked lovely. My camera kept getting wet and had a blurry lens lol

  3. Lovely scenery there in the snow. Not a flake here today :(