Sunday, 24 February 2013

Had wor Hinks out for a walk with Ern down our local wood

Went for a walk with Ern (my dad) and Mr Hinks this morning down one of our local woods. We are quite lucky in that the wood is only just at the bottom of our street, it's not a huge wood, however it's canny if yo just want to go for a quick stroll. We also have another wood just on the other side of the road, again this is a canny wood, well it would be if people looked after it and didn't dump rubbish in it. I think I have mentioned this before my dad and myself call this wood "Glass Wood" as there is glass strewn all over the trails. This is done by the youngsters who have no where else to go but here and take their bottles of wine and cans of beer. They then smash the bottles and leave their empty cans and basically just wreck the place. It's a real shame as both wood are supposed to be nature reserves.

Anyhoo I'm sounding like an old fart so here's some snaps of wor Hinks in the snow.

Here Mr Hinks has his eyes on a tasty treat  

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Dam it where is it

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