Saturday, 11 May 2013

A very enjoyable outing with my Cuz

Earlier in the week my cousin David sent me a txt asking if I was free on Saturday and up for a ride out. Sure I replied always up for a look out and it would be nice to have some company and a bit of a catch up as we rode.

And so Saturday came round. I had intended a lie in as I wasn't expecting David until around 11'ish. My internal clock had other ideas and had me up at 6:58...Omg it's the weekend I don't have to be up at 7:00 am for work, stoopid body clock...

Anyhoo so now I'm up... I know some rather nice toasted fruit loaf, smothered in butter and raspberry jam, washed down with a superb cup of Yorkshire tea. That passed all of a few minutes, what to do now. I had a little think then decided I needed a haircut, so out with the sheep shears and I gave my self a DIY cut. I can't cut the back straight so I went and woke Ern up and he finished the job, it's not exactly Toni and Guy, but hey it looks ok...well the bit I can see. A quick shower as I hate the feel of cut hair it irritates  and makes me itch, then I sat down to watch a few episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which I had downloaded...I know I'm 45,but hey I can't help the big kid in me and I really enjoy the humour in the show, kind of takes me back to when the Turtles where first on the scene way back in the 80's.

Feeling peckish again so more tea and some of those Belvita biscuits again with jam...reminds me we need more Jam.

Our David arrived, unloaded his new bike, it's a Trek, he got it through the cycle to work scheme, cool, we both got ready to set off. I had been thinking of different routes all week and opted to head over to Fox Parrot Wood, with the aim of riding through and down to Beamish, were we could head through the woods and down some of the new trails I found last week.

Wor David on his new steed
 We came through Fox Parrot Wood and along to West Pelton, taking the field at the back of Plantation View to a wood where they play Paint ball. I took a few pics at this point and as I went to set off again noticed I had a puncture in my back tyre. Aww crap... Never mind I had all the gear to do the job, well so I thought. I got the wheel off, removed the tyre and took out the tube, found the hole, cleaned down the tube, roughed up the area ready to apply the glue, got said tube of glue out of my ickle toolkit. I removed the cap, pierced the top of the tube I squeezed and Huh!!! no glue...What the hell who stole my glue. I then tore the glue container in half and I can tell you what I didn't find, yeah you guessed it glue. Grrrrrr!!!. Ok so now I had to improvise, so I whipped out my other trusty tool...Yes my mobile and called  Int-ERN-ational rescue (I like that wor David came up with it lol). David headed down to the main road to point Ern in the right direction and I waited to be rescued, how embarrassing. 

Aww crap who stole me glue!!!
 When Ern and David finally got back to me I was told off by dad for making him walk so far...Oops I didn't know there was a road just a few hundered feet from where we were and I had made him walk like the whole way through the wood. Never mind it is good exercise for him, he has done well today a 5km walk with Mr Hinks and then a trek deep into uncharted thick woodland.

Ern proceeded to set about fixing my puncture I would have helped, however find it's best just to let him get on, more often than not I just get in his way. I also let him inflate my tyre I thought as he was doing so well with his exercise regime who was I to stand in his way.

Ok tyre fixed and on our way over to Beamish. Ern caught a few ickle shots of us riding before we left him. My dad's a real diamond. 

I was looking forward to the ride in Beamish as there are some nice descents and quite technical trails. You can also feel a bit of adrenaline kick in as when you ride the particular trail I chose there are some big drops and steep bank sides to your left side. You kind of have to be switched on which adds to the thrill. 

My Bartlett Tendon as usual performed flawlessly. I'm running both cams on position 2 and I have no air in the Rock Shox Monarch RT3. The trail was very bumpy, strewn with rocks,small gulleys and minor drops. I think if the trail had consisted of more jumps and bigger drops I would have selected maybe position 3 on one of the cams, or even popped some air in the shock. It's very much trial and error and setting up to your own personal preference, what you feel comfortable with. I was able to hang over the back of my bike with my knee's bent, using my knee's to soak up the trail, there was just enough resistance on position 2. It's fantastic feeling knowing you can ride a trail and not have to worry about what is essentially  propping you up on one side. Way too many people take their legs and arms for granted I know I did before becoming an amp. They are just there and we don't really think of the astounding and fantastic things they do each and every day. That's why being sponsored on the Bartlett Tendon is so special for me as it allows me to do some of those amazing things again.

I had loads of fun riding down the trails, not so sure David enjoyed them so much. I think it's maybe because I'm like a big kid and don't really think, whilst our David was probably thinking "this isn't exactly what I had in mind for a nice relaxing ride out...Errr it's rather dangerous".

To be fair David is more used to riding his Cyclo-Cross bike and did very well today attempting everything I pointed him towards. He got his first war wounds today at the bottom of the trail in Ousbrough Woods. I know I shouldn't have laughed, however it was quite funny, the only real bit of muddy patch we had seen all day and David decides to roll off. He quickly picked himself up and even posed for a few pics, we shared a laugh, what a good sport. To be honest it makes a change someone else falling off it's usually me lol.

That's the new bike broke in then
Thumbs up, a good day no injuries and no broken components
 A lovely ride back through Ousbrough woods. I took the ford, David who had had enough of getting muddy and wet opted for the small bridge. It was then a case of climbing into more woods. I think they are part of Beamish woods but not entirely sure. Eventually we got onto a trail which eventually led out onto the main road and we were able to navigate our way along to Hedley Lane. This brought us out opposite Tanfield railway and we had a short break, where David cracked open the stash of pasties he had brought along. WOW these were no ordinary pasties, you know not your typical Greg's fresh air filling variety. Check out the picture of one of these bad boys...Mmmmm that hit the spot.

Not your typical Greg's Pasty
Checkout the filling in this Bad Boy
 Then it was off down the Causey Arch Road and across the other side to get on the trail which follows the railway back in the direction of Stanley, or as I more affectionately like to call it Mordor.

Hopefully I won't get another parking fine

Just messing
 And that's just about the end of today's adventure. Out at the end of the Tanfield trail, through the industrial estate and up a small steep path which brought us on to the C2C. Then just a case of a few miles up the route and cut off at the back of the Louisa  sports centre. Then Wheeeeeeee all the way home, down Durham Road.

I really enjoyed today's local loop of course that's partly to the fantastic company...Cheers David, Oh and a huge thank you to int-ERN-ational Rescue, my dad what a star :)

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