Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nice ride out on my Soda...

I must have done well over 30 miles today on my NS Soda. I've been having a bit of a nightmare with various gps cycling apps on my phone, problems with them not saving my workouts/routes. Strava being the most annoying app so far. It tells you to click save, however when you tap the icon the bloody thing won't save. So that got deleted for the 2nd time. I then gave Map my Ride a go and same type of problem. I had rode 13.33miles when I stopped in at my aunt and uncles for a nice can of pop and a little bit of something to eat. It was then I noticed the Map my Ride app had paused and when I went to restart it the dam thing didn't save my previous route. Needless to say I wasn't going to fanny on with it so just hit the trail without monitoring my mileage, who cares anyhoo I wasn't in a race, just out for a nice ride out and a spot of fun.


 I met quite a few people I know today whilst out, it was good to stop and have a chat and pass a bit time in this glorious weather we are having at the moment. I even met an old friend I haven't seen in a while, Chris and we have arranged to go for a nice relaxed ride out on Tuesday after I finish work, cool.

So my route today was down to Fox,Parrot wood and work my way across to Grange Villa. It always amazes me that I have lived in Stanley all my life yet I can always seem to find  new trails. Today I adventured down a bridal path I saw marked over at Grange Villa and it brought me out at the burn that runs under the main road. It looks as if at some point the bank side has collapsed so has now been reinforced with metal sidings. I thought it was a good photo opportunity, really relaxing listening to the water cascade down the man made water fall type thingy. As I went to setup my camera I discovered I wasn't going to get a very good shot as the camera was to low whilst on the ground. So I rooted around in my Camelbak, found some string and set about making a makeshift tripod out of 3 tree branches I found, so pleased I used to watch Blue Peter as a kid...Job done I mounted my camera and got a few shots.

My makeshift tripod worked well, maybe I'll copyright the design lol

 From Grange Villa I rode through the wood and eventually found myself down near Stellar Gill and Chester-Le-Street. From Chester I rode along past the police station and headed towards Birtley. I was in the marked cycle lane which runs along the road, quite happily pedalling along, when all of a sudden a woman in a car crossed the road from the opposite side and continued to almost knock me off my bike. Luckily she stopped in the middle of the road as I braked. Omg how the hell she didn't see me I had a bright red top on and Lumi Green shorts. She then proceeded to give me a filthy "wtf you doing riding in a designated cycle lane look" and I being the nice chap I am took my hand of my bars and just gave her a open handed gesture, palm open hand facing down, as if to say "OMG did you not see me I was glowing right in front of you".

Anyhoo from Birtley all the way up the C2C to Annfield Plain, a hour at aunt and uncles. I then decided it was such a nice day that I would pop up to Knitsley and the Farm Shop to get some more cheese which went down very well at work the other day. It's sticky toffee cheese, now I don't particularly like cheese however this stuff was quite nice. I also grabbed some Wensleydale with cranberry to try, so the guys at work are in for a treat.

From the Farm shop it's not a bad ride home. I just followed the old line and this brought me back onto the C2C at Hownsgill. From there it's a canny ride home, just steady away.

So now I'm back at home I can tell the area's I forgot to put sun cream on, it's my leg. Ah well at least it's just one that's sunburnt and sore lol.

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