Saturday, 10 August 2013

Neglecting my blog

It's been a while since I blogged, this isn't because I have been busy doing nothing, No it's more a case of I've been busy doing lots of stuff, however most of it I haven't got images of and well it's rather boring just reading.

My holiday is just about all sorted, off for a rather exciting trip to the U.S.A .I have a few minor things to do, stuff like getting my phone unlocked...well actually seeing if my phone is unlocked in the first place,as I bought it from the Carphone Warehouse and the nice girl I spoke to in the shop said 99% of their handsets are unlocked when you get them. I need my phone unlocked so that I can pop a US Sim card in and this will allow me to use my phone at a cheap rate. I'm useless with directions so will no doubt need Google maps to navigate around and the data usage can be ever so expensive. 

Looking forward to my trip away, all sorts of emotions going on, mainly excited, however also a tad nervous. Just hope my fitness level will be up to the demands of riding in the U.S with my friends out there. 

Completed a 47 mile ride to the coast and back today on my Sandman, boy I was wrecked when I got in. Just trying to improve on my fitness. I'm trying to ride as much as possible and I'm also attending the gym 3 days per week. I don't appear to be putting on much muscle, however have shed a few pounds, though from where I don't know. I still have more of a mini keg, rather than a six pack lol. Maybe it's off my stump as my bloody prosthetic leg keeps coming off. At the moment I have had to put some laminate flooring underlay inside my socket and it's stuck in place with Duct Tape lol.

Anyhoo onto something with pictures. Last week I met up with my friend Ade down at St Mary's and he very kindly took some shots of me out playing on the beach and splashing around in the water on the causeway. As usual my Bartlett Tendon was up to the job and preformed flawlessly.

Messing about on the rocky outcrop just before the tide came in
WoW the rocks were slippy where the seaweed was
It was a beautiful day, nice cooling breeze blowing from inland. Bonus, only fell off my bike once today, slight scuff on my elbow. It's murder when I fall to my prosthetic side as I just can't unclip to get my leg down and save myself. Worst thing is when I know it's going to happen. Usually you just hear me say "OH Crap"... then I'm off, falling on whatever lol. Actually fell off today when coming back from today's outing. My own fault I was too busy looking around to see where the ambulance siren was coming from and hit a kerb lol.

Splish Splash
This was so much fun Wheeeee!!!
More Fun
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
On the causeway as the tide was coming in

Playing in the water
Huge thanks to Ade.the.Tog and his lovely wife Amanda oh and my support team (Ern my dad) We all  had a really enjoyable day.

Photo's property of Ade.the Tog

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