Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Huge thanks to Kath N Kedan over at Bike Bag Dude for my new bike bag

 Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to my friend Ade for taking the time out along with his son Jordan to pop down our local mud covered woods to try and grab a few shots of me out playing and showing off my new Bike Bag which I received from Kath N Kedan and their company Bike Bag Dude.


 Ade had a few problems what with me wearing dark clothing, well I wasn't going to put my Sunday best on I mean the whole place was clarty as owt man. And with the Bike Bag being white, then the day was dull so natural light was cut out, well you get the idea, basically it wasn't the ideal lighting conditions and I think Ade did well to get any shots at all. Me I had tried earlier in the day and well mine came out shit! No literally I took a few photo's of my Sandman next to some horse manure lol.

Who is that masked man?
 Anyhoo I have decided to pop  few images on my blog, there's a few more over at Ade's Flickr page, it can be found here :

Should have gone to Spec Savers

Just Playing
Those Nate's look huge
Well Chuffed with my new Bike Bag Dude bag...
Sploooooosh! Well that didn't stay clean long
 So thanks Ade and Jordan, as usual we had a laugh. Oh and as for my Bike Bag Dude Bag it's awesome. I tried to keep it as clean as possible. I'm sure you will be seeing it featured in a lot more of my adventures, it's really handy as I can now carry stuff that's easy to get to, saves having to keep taking my back pack off. The quality of the bag, the fit,design,feel and looks are all awesome.

Thank you Kath N Kedan


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  2. Always a pleasure to help promote good equipment and good people bud. This time it goes to Bike Bag Dude and Kath n Kedan. Its an awesome piece of kit :)