Saturday, 26 October 2013

I need to win the lottery or something to feed my passion, relieve my boredom and keep me feeling young

I guess this is a kind of a wish list of bike porn, with me it's never ending I always see something I want, it's becoming an addiction. My problem like so many others is lack of funds...Ahh well I can dream and I may just have a flutter on the Lottery lol.

Holdsworth Professional Limited to 150 World Wide

 "Oh yes you will be mine"

  • Based on the classic Holdsworth Professional - retro looks with modern design
  • Limited to 150 for the world
  • Full, polished Campagnolo Athena groupset
  • Steel is real - but this one has a carbon fork too

My next play thing I saw a little while back. I have now got my son Kyle hooked on the idea of getting one of these rides. He wants a bike to do his local commute to Uni and back and this I think is the ideal cruiser. Not only that in your spare time you can head off "Klunking"

Kyle's after a Gangster Green
I quite like the look of Klunking Ain't Easy orange


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