Sunday, 6 October 2013

Out and about on My NS Analog SS

Mmmmmm what to do I thought... I know I'll reset my GoPro and go for a nice relaxing ride out on my Single Speed and see what sort of image quality I can get, as yesterdays footage was a bit pants.

I had myself a zig-zag up to my Aunt and Uncle's in Annfield Plain. I Hadn't seen them since I got back from my holidays. When I arrived my other auntie was there too . My Aunty Ann, so we had a right old gossip and a catch up. I even got treated to some fruit pie and custard, well worth the ride out lol.

I've decided to write less and basically let the video I shot show you my route lol

Oh and I made a cock up with my camera too shooting in 960 instead of 1080 so it was in 4:3 LoL

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