Saturday, 26 October 2013

Small outing, small Blog

Just had a quick blast out today, knew the woods I intended riding would be pretty hard going after the recent rainfall. I wasn't wrong. Good job I had my Surly Nate's fitted to my Sandman as it was pretty sketchy in certain places. On a normal bike I would have been bogged down and pushing the majority of the way. The area's where there was no natural cover like beside the farmers field and the breaks between the trees the mud was about 6 inches deep.

" Holy pile of steaming horse Shit Bat...Errrr Sandman!

 I was well pleased with my ability to balance my bike and power through the mud and only found I had to get off on a couple of decidedly tricky bits.One was as I rode past the pile of steaming horse sh... sorry manure. I stopped for a quick photo opportunity, as I had a witty thought that made me chuckle to myself..." Holy pile of steaming horse Shit Bat...Errrr Sandman!.

The other was just after a style and it's a nightmare for even an able bodied rider as the trail is worn, on an incline and slippy as hell after we have had some rain. Your already off your bike as you come to the steep little incline so it's really not worth trying to ride the 100 feet or so to get on the level field.

Again a bit disappointed with my new camera. I only managed to capture 2 shots that I thought were OK. To be fair I haven't been out much since coming back from my holiday to America. I had no sooner got back than I caught a stinker of a cold which lasted around 3 weeks. Then last week, dear me don't know what was up. I just had no energy and really struggled to get out of bed to go to work all week.

I've got a few Blogs in the pipeline so will keep you up to date, with what I'm up to. The first being that I have recently just been down to see Toby Carlsson my prosthetist down at Pace Rehabilitation in Cheadle, Manchester. Toby has cast me for a new cycling socket and I'm going to document the whole process along with my friend Ade ho has very kindly agreed to take some photo's for me. It should give those people who don't know much about prosthetics and the work involved a nice little insight. Hopefully one you will be interested in.

Oh and I will be posting a few nice shots of my recent acquisition from a great pair of people who have  very kindly agreed to sponsor me. Kath N Kedan Griffin are the owners of Bike Bag Dude and I have just received an awesome Bike Bag, made to measure for my Sandman. I also got a rather splendid Bike Bag Dude Tee-shirt, howver didn't think blazing through today's mud would be appropriate for that attire, so you will just have to take my word for it when I say it's awesome.

Anyhoo look forward to posting and hope you all enjoy viewing my blog, as much as I do writing and sharing the stuff I'm up to. Obviously I'd love to do more, it's just I'm like a lot of people I can't branch out into other stuff as it's a lack of funds. I'm so lucky to to have found such supportive sponsors who have enabled me to achieve my  goals so far.

Huge thanks to:

Pace Rehabilitation
Left Side Inc
Sandman Bikes

And of course to Kath N Kedan at

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