Friday, 15 November 2013

Attempted Klunking this afternoon

After finding an ex-demo Transition Klunker on PinkBike, asking a few questions from the seller, about the bike I then decided to go ahead and purchase it and give it a go.

The bike arrived late yesterday afternoon, it looked like new, though I was a little disappointed in that the frame had been scuffed. I think this was done in transit by the courier to be honest as where it's marked, well you wouldn't normally expect to find paint chipped off.  When I looked at the bike box I saw that the rear spindle of the wheel was poking through the side of the box and I think what must have happened is the other side of the spindle had scuffed the bikes frame. Ahh well what can you do huh?

The bike is a really pretty Orange type of colour, sometimes appearing reddish depending in what light you see it in. I think what I'll do is have a scout around for some nail varnish that is of a similar colour and do a quick repair, there are only a few chips after all.

I got in from work around 12:30pm'ish, got ready, put one clipless pedal on the right side of my bike and a flat on the left and set off..."Oh crap this coaster brake is going to take some getting used to" I thought to myself as I approached the first junction of our street and went for the brake levers which don't exist on this bike. First don't stop well if you are trying to rally to a stop downhill and not pushing down backwards with at least one foot. A tad hard for me as I need my good leg down to balance me, yet can't push down and back with my prosthetic limb unless it's just in the right position.

Anyhoo I rode through our estate and headed over to South Moor Park...Next thing I notice, mainly because my leg and stump are killing me, working overtime is "My God" what size front and rear cogs does this thing have. I'm used to my Single Speed NS, yes it isn't exactly easy, but dear me I've only done about a mile or two and I'm wrecked.

At the end of South Moor park I get off my new steed and almost puke...Jeez that was hard work. If I'm going to persevere with trying to ride this bike I need to change the cogs, no kidding it feels like riding up hill all the time lol.

A quick few photo's and then I push the bike probably about another mile...It's up hill this bit honest. By now I am proper hurting. My stump feels like it's going to explode and I have the worst phantom pain in my imaginary foot. Maybe pushed it a little to hard.

Whopee on to a nice flat bit of road, this is more like it. I have made the concious decision, yeah think I'll maybe fit a front brake and definitely see about changing the gearing. My thoughts are interrupted and move onto other thoughts when I see this lass in front with the most spectacular rear end...WoW now that's nice. In the meantime I forget about the coaster rear brake, go to stand on the pedals and turn to look around to see if the front looks as good as the rear. That's when  I put the weight on the pedals backwards and this sends me to a sudden stop. The ground broke my fall... Ok just pretend like I meant that to happen.  I'm now nursing a huge lump on the back of my left ankle, the other legs fine it didn't feel a thing. Oh bikes ok too no more scuffs so that's good.

Got home, a bit sore and popped the bike into the bike stand and removed the front chain ring. It's a 44 tooth. Checked the rear it's a 18. So anyone reading this that would like to pitch in with ideas for something a little easier that would be great. I don't want to be spinning, however need to be able to pedal more than 5 miles lol


  1. Priceless, Have just sprayed my computer screen with tea, "OK just pretend like I meant that to happen" You bugger. that will teach you to keep your eyes on the road and not the lasses.

  2. Did you get her number Glenn? -)

    Need to get out with you with my Klunker sometime!

  3. Haha proper Klunked my ankle. Now just on checking prices of new sprocket and thinking possibly a front brake. At least it will give me the added choice of going over the bars lol...WoW some of this BMX gear is expensive, can't believe the price of a front brake, you know just an ordianry one not disc or anything lol.

    Yeah it would be fun to go Klunking Bruce I just need a better gear ratio :)

  4. Great stuff Glen. I don't want to spoil your plans, but before you go spending, is that front rim suitable for brakes?

  5. Hi Peter yeah just checked and it appears my rim won't take a front brake. Ah well more practice with the coaster and prosthetic limb lol