Thursday, 13 March 2014

A trip to Bamburgh Beach

As I've been off on a weeks hols this week and the weather was so nice I decided to have a look up to Bamburgh beach and just have a bit mess around on my Fat bike.

I have been out and about most of the week playing on my bikes and as I mentioned in an earlier blog I have been having real problems with my GoPro. For some reason it appeared to be back on track today. Saying that I had one of those days where you think you have some ace footage and in reality when you get back home and take a look at it it's really quite crap. Never mind why let dodgy videoing ruin what was a lovely day.

My dad took me up to Bamburgh as he likes to get out of the house and my friend Ade came along as he also fancied a look out, enjoying his photography so this was an ideal time to capture me just fannying around on the beach. Mind you I didn't think we were going to get this morning as
Mr Hink's wasn't so good. He has been on medication for just over a year now for an enlarged heart and this morning just after getting out of bed he collapsed at our back door. This has happened before when he has been excited, but not just when he has gotten up and went to the door to be let out. It's a terrible feeling knowing your best buddy isn't so good.  I guess if anything it teaches us to cherish the time we have left and I don't want to think any further than that.

WoW this is supposed to be a place for a jolly blog, not getting all morbid n sad...

saying that while I'm on I may as well whine about this camera I got, just before I went on my holiday to America...Grrrrrr!!! I can't use the bloody thing. It's a Pentax K30, you know one of those ones where you can change the lenses. I wish I had just stuck to a point n click, that's about my stamp. This thing has way to many settings and buttons on it for my liking and just bugs the hell out of me when I can't take a simple bloody picture. My friend Ade has been trying to teach me how to go on but I'm like the proverbial goldfish who has had a miniature castle put in his bowl "Oh look there's a castle"..."Oh look there's a castle", you get the picture haha just wish I could.

I got a couple of shots that I took with my GoPro. I then used a simple piece of software called Snapseed to make them more arty. I like making what I call postcard images, all dreamy and animated. I guess it's just my style.

I'm sure I will be able to add some of Ade's photo's when he has had time to edit them.

Oh I also would like to say a huge thank you to Bike Bag Dude. I had one of there bags on today and it kept all my gear in one place, plus kept it nice and dry too.

Checkout for all your custom frame bag requirements, they are uber friendly, and fast on delivery.


  1. Lovely film Glenn, i shared it on a few places as a it is lovely.. :)

  2. Aww thanks Bruce. I tried my best with the footage I had, to be honest I took quite a few clips and they just didn't turn out as planned, camera at wrong angle, too low, too far away, you know how it goes. It's always a learning curve shooting these fun little video's. I'm trying to think of different ways to shoot, different angles etc as I don't want it to get boring. A quad copter like the one I showed you a while back would be ace. It even folds up so you can put it in your frame bag lol.

    I have been avoiding beaches in all fairness as when I visited Brian my knee was wrecked. I can only put this down to beach riding and my own fault of not cleaning my knee well enough after use. I have since been in touch with Brian and he has said just use the knee where ever and when ever, just make sure it is well cleaned and lubed after use.

    Thanks for sharing my bit footage I really enjoyed being back on the sand and playing at the waters edge.