Friday, 14 March 2014

Walkies with Ern and Mr Hink's

Had a little walk out with md dad and Mr Hink's this morning. Thought I may as well take along Pentax  and GoPro camera's see if I could capture anything.

Hinky Doo
We just went local, so it was through the housing estate and up the farmers trail towards No Place.

Up the farmers trail
What a good lad
Huh biscuits!
Ern and Mr Hink's
 As we neared the top of the hill we branched off right and headed down towards the sewage works and into South Stanley woods.

I've took photo's of these old posts before, just find them quirky I guess
Some old barb wire on an old post
This was a funny sight Mr Hink's slides down this bank side on his tummy
A bit of a rest
Two older timers together
  This is where I have been messing around on my bikes this week. It's good fun and I don't have to ride far. Some of the trails are a bit dodgy,as they haven't been maintained, so there are lots of overhanging branches and brambles here and there. The trails which are used regularly unfortunately are used by dog walkers so you have to watch out for doggy doo doo, oh and don't get me started about litter.

We continued down into the woods, had a little chat to a guy from the Environment Agency as he was about to collect samples from the stream, then continued up towards the Font, coming out on the trail behind Kimberley Gardens. Now these woods are supposed to be a nature reserve and as such you would think people would look after them, but Oh no. What really boils my urine is the fact mountain bikers get a bad name for destroying local woods/forests and nature habitats. So errr what do you call people who dump mattresses, yes plural, not just one but 3 doubles, pushchairs and to top it off butane bottles. Dear me.

I don't often walk on this side of the wood, however discovered there might be room for doing a little video, so I have been to Homebase and bought a pair of large secateurs and plan just to trim a few branches back within the wood so as when I'm riding I don't have my eye out.

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