Sunday, 27 April 2014

I have to get myself one of those

If you have been keeping up with my adventures you will know that I was off bike packing with my two friends John and Lee. Well after we arrived at the camp site and had pitched our tents we decided to head to a local pub for a nice cool pint and some grub. We where there until oh I don't know 8:00 pm and as we left the pub it was starting to set in a bit darker. I hadn't brought any lights with me (I usually have my Blackburn Flea's in my pack, though not happy with my front Flea as it's not retaining it's charge) As I didn't have any light's Lee rode at the back of our small convoy, with John up front and me in the middle. As we neared the camp site Lee sped ahead looking forward to his pasta and as he did so I noticed his back light. Dear me it was like a mini sun, all be it red lol. I shouted out "hey what kind of rear light is that" to which he replied "a Moon". Ok I have to get myself one of those I thought.

And so after perusing Google and finding the lowest price I could, £29.00 or so I waited for my new light to arrive. Well it came today and I have to say I'm well impressed. In fact I'm struggling to type up this blog as I have just blinded myself with my new light...I had a flash back of earlier days and the Movie Gremlins "Bright Light! Bright Light!". There is definitely no way I should ever get rear ended with this, well not unless the driver is blinded and runs over me.

I like the different modes, though the intense flashy one makes me feel like I am going to have a fit and the nice easy attachment is great,a sturdy clip and rubber strap. Makes it easy to pop on and off when needed. The light isn't mega big either so doesn't look out of place on your ride.

Here's some techy stuff and a video that doesn't really do the light any justice, it's sooooo bright! LoL

The Moon Shield 60 Rear Light gives out 60 Lumens which will be sure to get you seen. The high performance 3.7V Lithium polymer battery will give you a battery life of up to 7 hours and has got 5 different modes. The Shield is also usb (usb included) reachable which makes it quick and easy charge up by plugging in to your computer and has a charge time of 2 hours. it also features a low battery indicator which will come on when there is 1/2 battery left. The shield is easily attached to you Handel bars or seat post with the tool free mount that makes it quick and easy to take on and off your bike it is also vertically adjustable to get the right angle for maximum visibility.
up to 5 hours 40 minuets - 20 lumen - standard
up to 3 hours 50 minuets- 40 lumen - high
up to 2 hours 30 minuets - 60 lumen - over drive
up to 7 hours - 40 lumen - strobe
up to 7 hours - 40 lumen - flashing

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  1. Ha ha we will have ourselves a mini rave in the tent with that mate :-).