Thursday, 1 May 2014

Excited,nevous,determined,anxious,positive,scared,buzzing, did I mention scared

Yes the blog title shows a whole range of emotions and feelings and a lot more to boot. My biggest fear in commencing new challenges is like anyone, failure and letting not so much myself down, but others. If I let myself down I just go into hibernation mode and constantly tell myself how crap I am. Letting other people down is well... unacceptable.

After speaking to Matt of Arctic One via Facebook this evening I have decided I am going to try and get down to Hawridge (where ever that may be) and take part in the Arctic One's Hawridge International Duathlon which is on a Tuesday I believe. So if I can persuade my boss that he doesn't really need me for that day and possibly the next as it's a long way to travel I would imagine, then I'll be there.

My aim is to ride the on road course of 11 undulating miles in a relay. Matt has very kindly offered me the loan of one of his road bikes, however I think it would be different to maybe have a go at completing the section on my Sandman Fat Bike. Will see what I decide to do.

I have just set up a Virgin Money Giving page and will use this for those people who would like to donate for this or any of my upcoming challenges. At the moment I am trying to come up with various ideas, that not only incorporate my love of cycling, but also something I can do that will capture the heart of those that follow my blog on a regular basis. The way I see it is it's ok handing money over to various charities, but it's always nice to get something in return, even if it is the chance to watch a little home made movie or read a funny story about a one legged bloke.

I will be posting in due course of any fund raising ideas I come up with and hopefully you can help support me on my adventures in the future.

If you do feel like you would like to donate to Arctic One and of course my cause in getting a running blade so that I can actually do more than just the bike leg in any up coming events then my Virgin Giving page is here.

Once again thanks to you who have always been there supporting me, it means a lot...

Uk Virgin Money Giving page Fundraiser for Glenn Johnstone - Arctic one

If you would like to read all about Arctic One please click here.

Arctic One's Homepage

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