Monday, 19 May 2014

Just a few pics from a couple of days out on my bike with John.

Over in a field near Burnhope
 This will be a really short blog...I promise. Why well my heads a bit done in what with all this NVQ Malarky. Everyone keeps saying "Oh you have a year to do it, you will get it done no probs" however I'm not as confident as everyone so in order to just get it done I've been spending every moment I'm either not working,cycling or swimming doing my course work. Just put in another 7 1/2 hour stint today...well I did have one break to polish off some chicken steaks and chips, then it was back to reading,trawling the internet and typing. I think I'll feel a lot better when I get my first few assignments marked off. 

 It's really scary being away from work for such a long period as I was. I practically ended up with the IQ of a turnip (no offence to any turnips out there, hey you have to be careful who or what you offend these days) I don't want some court order from a turnip. Anyhoo my point being it's mind numbingly boring being ill and not being able to do jack so you sort of become a bit brain dead. So when you do return to work it takes quite a bit of time to get firing on all cylinders. At the moment I would compare myself to a Petrol engined car that has been filled up with diesel...I think you may get my point.

So in keeping this short over the weekend I went for a couple of local rides with my friend John. Lee was back to work so no 3 Amigo's and for the time being no Fantastic Four as my other friend Thompa has just had knee surgery.

Saturdays ride was a bit of an epic, not because we went far, no more because I managed to get up the bank which comes from the Forges right the way up to the Shepard and Shepherdess without stopping or getting off. Yes I have done it many times before on my Fat bike, however I wasn't on my Fat Bike I was on my NS Soda and it is only a 10 speed so no granny to drop into. I imagine the bank wouldn't be too hard for all you bi-ped out there, however with me being a 1 and a stump a ped it was pretty tough going. So Saurday's ride consisted of a nice little loop and I took my little Panasonic Lumix out with me which was handy as it was small and just fit in my shorts pocket. only thing with this camera is a bit like my Pentax I can't get a bloody good shot with it for love nor money lol.

John Coming
And Going
Shot with my Lumix
   Sunday another local route again with John and again on my NS. No Fat biking this weekend as I had discovered my back wheel was a bit wobbly. So I left my Sandman in the capable hands of my dad to adjust whilst I headed out with John. This ride was to take us around the Burnhope  area a little pop into my Aunty Claire's for a coffee then home. John and I did find one hill that when we first looked at it thought "ahh nee probs like"...OMG! 3/4 of the way up we were both off and about to cough up a lung a piece. I'm definitely going back on the Fatty like as I'm sure if I had had a granny ring I would have conquered the hill. It's on my to do list and if you want to sponsor me to get up this hill then great, another of my smaller challenges. I will keep having a go until I get up there.

Off up towards South Moor Golfy
A tree basically!
  I took my Favourite camera with me on Sunday my trusty,weather worn Canon, which is a superb little camera, it's just not weather proof and not suited to mountain biking. I'm currently looking at a Panasonic Lumix (yeah I know i already have one I can't use, however my other old one used to be spot on, so I haven't lost total faith in Lumix'es) This one is a Panasonic Lumix TS5 and it's weather proof.
Ok I'm off to bed...night night


 Oh PS I have been reliably informed my blog from the other night was full of incorrect stuff that when read didn't make sense...Errr yeah probably I was so tired and my head felt all fuzzy from lack of sleep so I do apologise, however i haven't edited my blog as I believe it's good as well as funny to look back on.

An Quirky Gate

Don't ask me why?

NS Soda Air

John "Ive got a puncture" Chambers

Hey don't forget if you would like to sponsor me via my Virgin Giving page here is the link.

Thanks for all your support, it's going towards realising my dreams, so that I can help enable someone else to realise their's

And I promise to make it up that great big hill, with video evidence should it be required lol


  1. Great pics (love the one of the tree and the BETTER THAN JOHN's pic of the gate ;) ) I seem to recall reading that with one leg it takes up 60% more energy than someone with two legs - so you always do great ! Keep going strong ..... we're still trying to find ways to continue fund raising and support you in this and I have NO DOUBT whatsoever that you'll conquer that hill xxxx

  2. Ha ha nice one mate I agree class photos mate, and ha ha michelle :-). Dont know why you say your shots are poor there great.speak soon bud.