Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ooh what a lovely surprise from my friend Bex

A week to the day ago I was down in Buckinghamshire taking part in the Arctic One's duathlon. I had a fantastic time and met some proper friendly people and received loads of support and well wishes, oh and a few slightly bemused looks as people checked out my ride. Yeah obviously they hadn't got the memo everyone was supposed to turn up on Fat Bikes...Or was that just me. I suppose I must have looked like the guy who turns up to a party all dressed in a fancy dress costume only to find out "Errr actually it's not a fancy dress". Never mind for me and the guys at Arctic One it was all about the taking part, not so much how fast I could get around the course.

What a lovely surprise thanks Bex xXx
As you will have read in my previous blog, well if you have read my previous blog, you will know I got to meet Matt for the first time. Matt is one of the 5 Arctic One trustees and he is a lovely fellow, we hit it off straight away. I also got to see Bex again, who is another one of the 5.

Both Matt and Bex are so supportive and I feel very lucky. When I think back throughout my whole period of illness and don't worry I'm not going to gush on about that as this is Post Amp Adventures not Pre Amp Adventures...where was I ahhh yes about being lucky, well what I was going to say was lucky in the friends I have had from way back in my school days right up to the new friends like Matt and Bex. I just seem to have this knack of discovering what I like to call "salt of the earth people", or indeed them discovering me. It's only a few months ago that I met my friends Lee and Michelle and boy have they been supportive. I just hope now that Michelle is really undergoing very stressful, tiring and what is making her feel even worse treatment I can be as good a friend to both of Lee and Michelle as they have been to me. Your in my thoughts guys constantly.

Of course I also have lots of other friends who all deserve a mention and during the course of my blogging I promise I will get to each and everyone of you, it's just hard thinking of everyone and not upsetting anyone I miss out. Anyhoo you know I love you all and thanks for everything over the years.

Now then on to this lovely surprise otherwise I'm going to end up writing a geet long blog...Again and not really get to the purpose of the intended blog.

So "what a lovely surprise from Bex". As I was about to leave Chesham Bex told me "Oh I have a surprise for you, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'll post it up to you". "Aww thanks I replied" intrigued as to what it was. I love surprises, well nice ones...I didn't quite like the credit card statement I got this month lol.

Some of my shots
 Anyhoo I forgot all about the surprise package so when this long tube arrived today I was thinking "Ooh what's this". I was well chuffed when I opened the tube to discover a 2' foot long poster of various images which I had taken whilst out and about with friends and one of the images was of Mr Hink's. I just thought to myself how kind and what a lovely thing to do as I had a smile to myself. I immediately text Bex to say thank you.


Just need to get a frame

 I then got ready and headed up to our local pool, with Ern who was going to be my leg guy, to practice my new found swimming techniques as taught by Amy and Bex. I have been away from the pool for over 2 weeks really,as my small swim in Chesham was more about learning and to be honest for some reason I was knackered. Today's swim started off real ropey...Grrrrrrr!!! I then stopped and did what Amy taught me, relax, slow down and get my breathing right. I have discovered a big part of my problem is endurance,swimming is tough man. However another observation is when I turn my head to breath I need to rotate it more as if I don't I take on water and then needless to say choke. The goggles Bex gave me also helped loads as I am more confident keeping my head under the water and following the black line like Amy suggested. I got some goggles off Michelle, however they are tinted and I panic as it feels claustrophobic under the water when I can't see. So today I completed approx 1000 meters and was pretty happy not so much with the distance but my technique. I did panic at one point in my swim as I got severe cramp in my good foot.It just happened to be middway between the deep end and the shallow end so I had to swim just using my arms, dear me it was painful. I suppose that's what you get when you come in from work, devour 3/4's of a fruit cake and have a large cappuccino just before a swim lol...Well I was Hank marvin when I came in so needed to boost my energy. Ern has failed as a father and chief shopper this week, as he hasn't provided the requisite quantities of Nutella...I'm suffering from withdrawal's let it be noted. May have to pop up my mate Ade's as I know his wife got a jar in specially for me.

Back from the swim I'm feeling good...I tell you it's that fruit cake. So it's on with my biking gear, mp3 player blasting a few tunes in one ear. I never put my headphones in both ears as it's dodgy when you can't hear cars approaching. Strava is turned on and I'm off on my NS Soda. I want to see if I can get around this 8.6mile loop any quicker. It took me 51 minutes on my Fat Bike yesterday, today on my 10 speed Soda I did it in 45 minutes...and that was after getting stuck behind a tractor on one section of trail at Chapman's Wells.

Once in I started cracking on with my NVQ. I've got a year to do this. I started about a month a go and I'm now 46% through so that's not bad going, guess it shows how much free time I have huh?

That's about the end, just want to say a huge thank you to Bex for you thoughtfulness...Ooh and to Matt for the loan of his Cervelo Time Trials Bike. I have given her a good wash, however haven't been out as yet as I need to sort some pedals out. Still on looking at bike porn and have my eye on a few bikes lol. 

Hey guys remember you can either donate directly to Arctic One why not visit there website at ARCTIC ONE or you can visit my just giving page and support me there uk.virginmoneygiving.com/GlennJohnstone Cheers guys


  1. Nice gift there mate I rekonise some of the shots lol carnt wait to get out mate honest miss it!!!

  2. How lush ! You're surrounded by people who support and believe in you xxxx