Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Camera hunting...Fail!...Aww who cares, quality time with friends!

It's a couple of weeks now since wor Kyle accidentally dropped my new camera into Ladyburn Lake. I've now been up a couple of times searching with friends. Looking in the general area we thought the camera was, however have been unsuccessful in finding it. Really it's like the proverbial "needle in a haystack" scenario. I wouldn't mind if it had been just an ordinary camera, as as soon as it went overboard, it would of been a case of "Ahh well it's drowned as it's not waterproof". What's annoyed and frustrated me is that this particular camera I bought especially for it's waterproof ability, as well as being shock and dust proof. You see I got it for when I went out mountain biking, because if you're a biker you will know we get in some right filthy states.

Wayne is our local window cleaner, he is a cracking lad and we get on very well, whenever I see him he always makes time to have a chat as we share similar hobbies and interests. Wayne even did a sponsored bike ride with a few of his friends to raise money for me and Arctic ONE the charity I am being supported by in getting a running blade. Like I saw a top fella. Anyhoo a good while ago as Wayne and I were chatting I remembered him saying he was into both diving and metal detecting. So I thought why not give Wayne a buzz and see if he knew if there was such a thing as an under water metal detector. His reply"Yeah there is I have one, but I'm in Spain and won't be back until the 19th". So I waited a couple of days for him to return then messaged him again asking if he could help me out.

Wayne called down on Monday and we discussed when we should head over to Ladyburn Lake. We decided that afternoon was as good a time as any so Wayne popped over home to grab all his gear and I got my stuff sorted. I had asked wor Kyle to come along as he was the one who was in the canoe at the time and he had dropped my camera. I also invited my mate John and of course Ern, well Ern always likes an adventure and is part of the team.

So we drove over to Wayne's and picked both him and his gear up. I introduced Wayne to John as they had never met and off we went over towards Druridge Bay.

It takes around an hour to get to the lake from ours. Monday wasn't an exactly warm day, a bit of a light breeze and the temperature read 17 degrees C in the car. We got to our destination and parked up, a bit further over than we usually do, as it was nearer to where the camera was lost. Wayne and I soon had our wetsuits on, Wayne's being more like a proper diving suit, he was quite warm, me I was bloody freezing. As soon as I got in the water I wanted a wee lol. I had to hold it in for an hour and a half, as that is how long we were in searching for my camera. 

Wayne what a top fella
Firstly Wayne tried diving down to check the bottom of the lake, but found it difficult as his suit brought him straight up. He then popped on a diving belt and went under again, using his underwater torch, however when he came up he said "I can't see a thing". The water in the lake becoming murky as soon as you disturb the bottom, plus there are loads of underwater weeds.

Wayne the frogman!
 We searched in what I thought was the general area, trying to go slow and work in a grid pattern. The lake bed undulates lots and there are shallows then all of a sudden you can't feel your feet on the bottom, or should I say foot in my case. I had taken my swimming shoe off as I thought if I stepped on my camera I would feel it better. Only thing I stepped on was sharp as I am now sporting a deep nick in my big toe and it is really sore.

We were both gutted we didn't find my camera the detector was definitely working as Wayne found a 2pence coin
Wayne then went back ashore and got his underwater metal detector. We both felt confident that this device would do the trick. This was the first time Wayne had used it in deep water so he was a little tentative, obviously not wanting to break his detector. Anyhoo the detector proved it worked as Wayne found and empty beer can. He then went on to find a 2 pence piece and believe it or not that was all that we could find metallic.  We must have searched up and down the same stretch of water at least 7 or 8 times. Both Wayne and I were gutted we didn't find my little camera. It has either washed ashore and someone else has found it, or it's in deeper water. I guess it's now time to say good bye and stop the grieving process. I loved my camera so much I have ordered a new identical one, just waiting for it coming. This one will be fitted with a float as I have learnt my lesson.

It's canny difficult trying to get in and out of the water with only one leg lol
I'm off Wayne in hot pursuit
Ern taking a few snaps
Wayne with his metal detector and me foot feeling
  After leaving the lake we set off to visit our friends Al and Sarah. Sarah had contacted me saying if we were going up to the Lake to call in and she would bake some scones. Arriving at Al and Sarah's we were met by their two friendly Golden Retrievers, Mac and Molly,closely followed by Al and Sarah. I introduced both Al and Sarah to Wayne as they had never met before. My circle of friends is getting increasingly larger and they are all fantastic people. I love being in their company, each one being different and just adding that certain something special whenever we are together. Happy days.

We sat out in Al and Sarah's garden both Wayne and John sampling some of Al's  home made nettle beer and everyone commenting on how delicious the scones Sarah had baked were. There was both cheese and fruit and they were absolutely lush,well worth the visit, in fact we joked we would come more. It's great bringing people together and just having a bit of fun.

As we sat around the small table we got on talking about all heading out on a biking adventure, biving under the stars somewhere. It was a unanimous decision that there has to be a fire this time around. I think both Wayne and Al are really looking forward to it, I know I am it will be great craic.

As time was getting on we thanked Al and Sarah for their generosity and got up to head to the car, handshakes exchanged and a few hugs for Sarah. I was really proud of wor Kyle as he thanked Al for sorting out some software for him and instead of shaking his hand gave him a proper hug... Nice touch, in that I feel I have helped bring him up at least partly right.

And that's about it until next time...Bye


  1. Superb blog ...... put the grieving the bed and await the delivery of the next generation of waterproof camera .....

    1. Why thank you Mrs Sheridan I aim to entertain my readers. Can't wait until your fighting fit and we can all share some amazing adventures. Our circle of friends is ever increasing I would really like you and Lee to meet Wayne and of course Ade and Amanda and their family :) x