Friday, 29 August 2014

Very kindly asked to write an article for the Empower Magazine... Sweet!

A couple of weeks back my good friend Scott Richardson over at Pace Rehabilitation informed me that Empower may possibly be interested in running a little article about my latest adventures and pursuits. I'm still continuing to be supported and sponsored by both Pace Rehabilitation and Brian Bartlett which is simply amazing.

I always tell people I'm just an ordinary guy. I'm no elite athlete by any measure. My take on this though is that in some ways this helps to inspire more people just like me. People who may be struggling to come to terms with their disabilities, or wanting to get into something new. I hope they can take a look at me and just think "he's just and ordinary lad, if he can do it then maybe I can".

And so I was contacted by Chris Swindells  the Production Manager at Publishing Magazines Ltd. Chris firstly asked if I could provide him with a few images and a little background. As we chatted via email this then progressed on to writing a few lines and then eventually Chris asked you know what can you just send me around 300 words describing what's going on in your life. Well I tried my best to get it to 300, however went slightly over to around 404 or so. Chris said the piece I wrote was perfect, so I guess this is what you will get to read in the link below.

 As mentioned in the article I would just like to say a huge Thank You to:

Everyone over at Arctic ONE, all their fund-raisers and supporters, especially two of the trustees, Matt Kirby and Bex Stubbing's, who's support has been absolutely amazing.

Pace  Rehabilitation for their endless support. I am so looking forward to my next adventures and learning to run on my Pace built running prosthesis. I know the whole team is right behind me.

Brian Bartlett for, designing the BTK and being kind enough to sponsor me and being a great buddy.

Paul and Andy over at Bike Swanky for sorting me out on their demo bike so I could get some road bike practice in for my triathlon and for getting me fixed up with a road bike and sponsoring me on a new mountain bike.

And finally to Empower for featuring me in their magazine and Chris for walking me through what he required and offering words of support for my then upcoming triathlon.

Empower are always looking for new and interesting stories about people with disabilities.

Chris Swindells
Production Manager
Publishing Magazines Ltd
Direct Dial: 0191 516 61 65

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