Saturday, 30 May 2015

Round 2 of treatment, then a very enjoyable bike ride to gather my thoughts...

Today was round 2 or should I say cycle 2 of my treatment. It was to get the second infusion of chemotherapy. Whilst I spent roughly 7 hours in a chair yesterday, today was much quicker as the bendamustine doesn't need to be monitored quite like the antibody drug which can cause certain reactions as lowers your blood pressure.

As I'm going through this treatment I'm learning a little about the respective drugs and what they do. The Chemo drug attacks both healthy and cancerous cells. My immune system will become very weak so I have to take care of myself. Tiredness comes in when red bloods cells are affected and the immune bit comes from the lack of white blood cells. The critical period between treatments is about 10 days in as this is when you are at your lowest, however I may be feeling tired in a few days time.

Before setting of for hospital I had to remember to take my concoction of new medication, what a pain in the arse. Tablets for this and that, but hey if they help me feel better I'm not going to complain...Much lol!

I arrived at UHND chemotherapy clinic just before 11:00am and saw a different nurse today. She was very pleasant just the sort of person you want looking after you. We shared a bit of banter whilst the nurse got all the stuff ready. She then popped off and got a warm bowl of water to soak my hand in, I found this quite relaxing. Then it was time for the unpleasantness to begin, yep the dreaded needle. First attempt was a complete fail "Ouch" I knew as soon as the needle went in that it wasn't in right as it proper stung. I've noticed over the past two days my phantom pain has been horrendous I now think I know why. You know when you see or feel something that makes you cringe, well when it happen to me my phantom pain starts. It's just like a uncontrollable subconscious reaction and it sucks. Ok attempt number 2, much more successful. I was given a quick flush with saline then the bendamustine was pumped in. Bloody hell it was cold having just come out of the fridge. The nurse kindly popped a towel over my arm, but it still felt freezing. Never mind I was only hooked up for a little over 35minutes.

 I even got a lovely cup of tea and a doggy bag upon my visit. It consisted of a ham sandwich a banana some fruit juice and a Kit Kat. I had rang Ern so he was waiting for me as I went out. I asked if he would take a picture of me wearing my Bike Bag Dude shirt as I sat in the hospital grounds.

As we drove home the weather just didn't know what it wanted to do. I quite fancied a ride out, having just got my rear wheel back from Si over at Cycle Solutions after he fitted me a new rear free wheel hub. So as soon as I got in I went up to my room and got ready and gathered my gear. In a bizarre and what some may seem as a bit weird I wanted to see if after 2 sessions of chemo I felt any different. You know something I'm not sure that I do at the moment. I mean yeah I was buggered going up the Sandy Lonnen, but just put this down to feeling tired for months before I even started the treatment.

I really enjoyed today's mini adventure, the weather was a mixed bag and wow was my old stump hurting today, just as if my socket was too tight. I really love just heading out at my own pace, going where I want and using the time to think and reflect on all that is good in my life.

I took quite a bit of GoPro footage today, so much so that I struggled to get the bits I wanted all in. I have chucked lots more on the virtual editing floor. Hopefully this time the video will upload ok as had a proper nightmare with last video.

It's weird what brings simple pleasure when you are out in the country. For me today it was chatting to a cow, which then became a flock of cows, no it was cows not sheep so I meant a herd. I tried feeding them some grass, the legal variety that I picked on my side of the wall. Although they came over none of them fancied any, which was a shame as it was lush and green. I kind of got carried way taking pics of the cows. I just found it amusing as they were pulling funny faces and Mooooooo'ed when I left. "Yeah catch you later ladies" I replied.

Come and get it
It's the laughing cow


Soon there was a herd



Well hello mr fancy pants


 Well that's another day done and dusted. Back for more treatment in a months time. I'll keep you posted on how things are going, so far so good.

Bye 4 Now

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