Sunday, 7 June 2015

Another ickle poem I wrote about yesterdays adventure.

Up early again this morning feeling sickly. So I put pen to paper whilst in bed and came up with a short poem based around yesterdays adventure whilst I was out with my friend John.

It was a very enjoyable day yesterday, however boy was the wind strong. The woods gave us great shelter of course and the sounds and sights of nature within the woods and open meadows was well simply beautiful.

Here's my latest attempt

As the Wind Blows

The wind blows through the grasses, creating a sometimes calming, sometime howling sound.
Hundreds of millions of bladed sentinels swaying in rhythm to it’s command.
The trees they bend their branches, regardless of young or old and rattle out their protests.
Leave us here in peace to watch over all those around.

Pretty Flowers are abundant, scattered all around.
A myriad of different colours, all dancing to the sound.
Nature plays out its hidden chorus, the whole wood taking part.
Most woodland creatures are in hiding, apart from mister Hawk.  

He fly’s upon the thermals, gliding and soaring way up high.
Looking out for unsuspecting victim’s, from his kingdom in the sky.
The sound of nature continues, the animals have all gone to ground.
It’s a bit of a windy day to be out fooling around.

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