Monday, 15 June 2015

Thoughts of when I ride my Fat Bike and came up with this....

I didn't get out on any of my bikes this weekend, so kind of in withdrawal lol. As I was sitting bored tonight I was thinking of where I would go next time I'm out and stuff like "I wonder how I can improve on my video making", "where could I go different and maybe get some nice photo's".
And questions like 

I know no helmet, but I was on the beach
 "And you may ask yourself .How do I work this? And you may ask yourself,
Where is that large auto-mobile? And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful house
And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful wife"...

See this is what it's like to live in my brain, so many thoughts floating around and yes for some reason whilst thinking of all of this stuff Talking Heads just popped in there and so I had to then pause my writing and go off and listen to Once in a Lifetime lol.

I love my Fat Bike
Anyhoo I wrote this in about 5 minutes and it's based around riding my bike, my Fat Bike.

Thoughts on riding Fat                  

Jersey and shorts selected, got to look cool.                   
Helmet adjusted, non-protection is for fools.
Gloves pulled over digits, flexed to get a good fit.
All the right gear, now prepared this is it.

Tunes selected, earphones in,                            
Not so loud that it sounds like a din.
Music to ride by, to help with the flow,
An upbeat rhythm nothing too slow

Backpack laden with all the right gear,
Let’s hit the trails and show no fear.
Leg over cross bar, right foot clips in place
Quick push off with the left, a steady rallying pace.

Gathering momentum as I pump hard on the cranks.
Praying to the god of bikes as I give huge thanks.
Scenery goes by in the blink of an eye.
Today is a good day to ride not a cloud in the sky.

The great feeling of being outdoors, the wind in my face.
It’s great to get that sense of being away from the rat race.
Riding my Fat Bike across mixed terrain.
When people see it coming they think it’s insane.

With huge fat tyres, it eats up the trails.
Whenever I ride her my smile never fails.
Adventures come easy when I ride my Fat Bike.
Memories created are what I like.

Fat Bike riders are awesome and now are not so rare.
They discuss odd things like optimal tyre pressure and just how much air.
They welcome fellow riders into their Fat Bike groups.
Then invite them to come along and visit and maybe do a few local loops.

Splish Splsh

Don't make waves

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