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Since loosing our beloved buddy Mr Hink's last year our house has had a huge void. Hink's was such a character, a friend that could never be replaced. However saying that I feel exactly the same about all my past bully's Tyson,Edwin and Gilbert and of course all those other pets I have had as I have gone through life. Believe it or not at one time when I was a youngster we had 21 Guinea Pigs, yes that's right 21. Ern obviously thought we had two female piggies, however this wasn't the case and missed one of the pigs winkies and he put it to good use, the end result 21. I can't remember all their names, but I do recall having some great adventures with my little friends, some of which involved them riding around with Action man in a helicopter, jeep and tank, well you know what kids are like.

Kyle n Baxter
   One of my other child hood best friends was a black lab, named Blackie. This was one of the most intelligent and loyal dogs I have ever known. At the time I was roughly 3 years of age and we had just moved about a mile away from New Kyo to South Moor. My mam had locked both me and Blackie in our tall walled back yard and left us to play quite happily for a moment or two.  Of course brick walled back yards aren't really exciting so I decided I would take wor Blackie for a nice walk and proceeded to lift the sneck off the gate using a broom, then grab my wheel barow and spade and head off up the black path past all the coal slag heaps and across the busy railway line and go see my nana and grandad.

Kayleigh n Baxter
In those days there were no telephones so imagine my granddads surprise when I rock up at his back door blackie and a full wheel barrow of coal in tow. "Where's ye ma?" he said "Oh am a big lad" I said. At this point my grandad was half shaved with his string vest on and braces dangling around his waist. He then proceeded to run out the door and head off in search of my mam who was half way up the black path going frantic "eeh av'e lost wor Glenn". Long story short my mam scared the bejesus out of me with this nasty bloke called Dicky Dark who lived in the coal heaps. It's weird i still ride mountain bikes up and down the black path and although the scenery has changed when ever I am there I often have a smile to myself and think of my mam and Dicky Dark.

Ern trying to take a pic
Baxter n Ern
  This morning Baxter woke me at 5:50 am with a little whine and when I got up he went straight out into the garden for a wizz. He then grabbed a bite to eat and proceeded to run all over the place and have a bit play. This little bundle of fur has certainly brightened up the place and I look forward to wriing of our adventures together.We grow as close to our pets as any human bond, in some cases even more. The memories we create together are truly amazing. One of my favourite memories of wor Hink's was when he swam out to me at Druridge Bay as I practiced open water swimming. This was remarkable in that he hadn't been feeling too well and also the fact he didn't much like water. Yet he did it because he wanted to be with me.

Mr Hink's what a star
 The time was right we felt for a new addition to our family. I have been looking for sometime for a pup, however after reading a book sometime ago about a English Bull Terrier named Baxter I had a very specific idea of how I wanted our new puppy to look. I got in touch with Joy the lady we got Mr Hink's from and told her I was looking for a baby boy with an eye patch. Joy said she would keep a look out and about a week or so ago put me in touch with a lovely lady named Liz Wilson. Liz informed me she had just the little fellow, however wasn't entirely sure what was happening with him.
Well earned doze
This is the life
Everything sorted, time to head home. It took us around 2 to 2 and a half hours and Baxter was so well behaved in the car. As son as we got him home he went into our garden and had a tinkle, what a good little lad. Then he was off exploring. 

His tail is so funny, it's as if he is wound up, it never stops wagging and rather than being upset at being without his mom and brothers and sisters he just fit right in. Imagine my excitment when after the weekend Liz got intouch and offered me the option to buy this cute little fellow. So yesterday wor Kyle, Ern and myself drove up to the borders of Scotland and went to meet Liz and her family of bullies. We got to meet some absolutely adorable English Bull Terriers. Wow it really brought home just how much we have missed having Hink's around. This breed is so affectionate, playful and amusing. We were instantly welcomed to Liz's home by a wonderful bully named Annie and then went on to meet some of Liz's other terriers and of course the litter of 5 pups.

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