Monday, 17 August 2015

Neglecting my duties, a short blog for a short ride...

It has been almost a month since I last blogged. I know this because my last blog was about what cycle I was up to and come Thursday and Friday I will be on with my next cycle of treatment. Wow where has the time gone? It seems as if four months have gone in the blink of an eye.

Most of this years posts whilst I have always tried to remain positive and optimistic have had a bit of a negative flavour to them, well I think they do. I think it's because instead of realising I'm doing quite well I am overly critical of the fact I haven't done as much as in previous years. Sometimes it's a good exercise just to stop and actually take stock and look back as we can find that in reality we haven't had a bad year, and hey it's not quite over yet.

Anyhoo I said I would keep this short so true to my word. Today following work I called in to see my friends John and his wife Christina. I also got the opportunity to see how John and Christina's baby, Amber is doing. I was quite surprised when Christina handed me Amber, it has been sometime since I held a baby. I didn't want to let on to Christina that the last time I held a baby was probably wor Kyle and I dropped him on his head. Of course only joking. I asked John did he fancy a short ride out and he was very keen. It's been ages since we rode together I just haven't had the motivation or energy, guess I'm feeling  a bit like Austin Powers when he lost his MoJo.

John and I headed out from my house after I got ready and took one of our all time favourite routes and the Farmers trail. Wow today was pretty hot and it sure did zap my energy. I'm pretty pleased with myself as although we only rode 10 or so miles we did take in 3 canny climbs and I didn't get off on any of them. Yeah I'm feeling tired now but so pleased I went out. In truth a certain person who shall remain nameless has motivated and inspired me.


Me on the Sandman

Coming down the trail

Like this shot

Getting closer

Nice shot of the Surly Nates

Lovely view over the hill of all the bales

My Arctic One band on top of some clay pigeons


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