Thursday, 27 August 2015

Screw You Cancer!

Yesterday I received a phone call from the cancer specialist nurse over at the University Hospital North Durham. She asked had I been to get my blood tests done, as I was due to be having my 4th cycle of chemo on Thursday and Friday. Last weeks was delayed as my neurophils, something I know nothing about were low. Apparently your neutrophils are the most abundant (40% to 75%) type of white blood cells and form an essential part of the innate immune system. They are formed from stem cells  in the your bone marrow. Anyhoo mine were low last week and so I needed to have more tests done before I could go ahead with treatment.


So off to Durham I went, along to the chemotherapy unit. Getting bloods done and the results back doesn't take long at all. As I sat there along with Kyle (my son) who had come along with me I asked the nurse doing the procedure, "so would you expect to see my neutrophils would have recovered by now". To which she replied "Yes, they can come back up within a couple of days". Whilst the nurse was busy grabbing her gear I whispered to Kyle "I don't think they will be up". It's strange how we know our own bodies and well I just haven't felt quite right for sometime now. I can't put my finger on exactly what's not right, but there is definitely something. Following the test I only had to wait a minute or so and the nurse gave me the results. "Ahh" she said, "they are actually lower, so you can't have your chemo". Dammit! I mean it's not like I like having the bloody thing, but it needs to be done so that I can get on.

Ahh well another week of waiting. Just rang my G.P's surgery to book in for more blood tests on Tuesday morning, so we will see what the score is then. I'm not really to concerned to be honest. I suppose in a way I'm rather desensitised to all this stuff that just gets in the way of life. So rather than let it get me down I much prefer to face it head on and treat it like a challenge. So screw you cancer and come on little neutrophils, get your act together and lets start kicking butt.

I haven't been getting out as much as normal (exercise wise) a combination of motivation and tiredness.Saying that I have met someone who has inspired and motivated me and is very supportive. We met a good few weeks ago and things have gone from strength to strength. Rachael is amazing, we share lots of the same interests and upon first meeting we both knew we had a certain chemistry, and that can be very hard to find. It just shows, well to me at least you should never write a year off just because bad stuff is happening, as you never know what or more importantly who is going to come along into your life and totally change things up. I feel very lucky indeed at the moment. Probably not the best time to meet someone, however that said if you know someone likes you when your not at your best well it is a testament to their character and caring nature. It's been hard not to mention Rachael as she has made me so happy, but hey finally given in as like I say she has been a real driving force in my positive energy.

After seeing Rach last night, she gave me a gentle telling off for not getting enough sleep and advised I get more fresh air and exercise. So this morning I asked Kyle did he fancy a ride out. I was quite surprised when he said "Yeah". So we got ready and off we set. I had a route planned and knew roughly how far it was, however I wasn't sure I could complete it as I am a bit out of practice.

Up the Farmer Trail
Wor Kyle on the Farmers Trail
We took the farmers trail, and down to No Place, cutting through the streets there and crossing the New Road. We then headed into Shield Row and from here along to the Tanfield Railway. A quick blast over the Causey Arch Bridge and soon we were out at the other end of the Railway. As we followed the line to Sunnyside.

Up the wooden steps on the Tanfield Railway Trail
Grrrr I hate steps
Kyle surprised me with the GoPro
Just over the Causey Arch with my lad

I remembered a trail that would take us down to the Golf Course near Whickham. When we arrived there I got slightly lost so asked a friendly man at the gold course did he know where the turning for Clockburn Lonnen was and he pointed me in the right direction. 

Saw these poppies in the corn field
When you go down the Lonnen it brings you out on to the Derwent Walk and this is where we ended up. From here it's a long ride all the way up the Derwent Walk. Kyle was tarting to get saddle sore so by the time we reached Ebchester he was in real discomfort. I told him to ring his grandad and Ern met him at the car park at Shotley Bridge. From here I carried on alone.

Kyle coming over the viaduct at Rowland Gill
I have to admit I could have quite easily popped my bike on the back of our car and called it a day. I was sore and rather tired myself. However I hate quitting and so carried on with a variety of emotions running through my head.

I was pissed off at the situation I was in, what with treatments being screwed up, but I was also thinking of Rachael and how proud of me she would be for not quitting. So I pushed on and eventually made it home, covering 27.4 miles, which whilst is not epic, it's a fairly good attempt when you are not on top form.

All in all enjoyed my outing with Kyle, even if I am a bit sore and feeling rather knackered now lol

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