Saturday, 30 April 2016

Longest walk with Baxter so far

Well today I had my longest walk out with Baxter so far. 7.82 miles to be exact according to Map My Walk.


Baxter did really well only pulling on a few occasions, one of which he pulled me off my leg and I fell. It was a horse and cart went past. Baxter is such a friendly dog and very curious. So if there are sheep in the field he wants to go and investigate, if there are cows he wants to go and investigate and if there are horses again he wants to go investigate. I just think he thinks everything wants to play with him. He craves attention, so when ever anyone passes he expects a pat. This can be a problem as not everyone likes dogs, especially  Bull Terriers. Quite a few people get the wrong impression so try avoiding him as they just assume he is vicious, quite the opposite actually.


Saying hell to the Moo Cow

Baxter is very powerful and slightly bonkers, he is boisterous so can come across as being a bit rough. He is the first Bull Terrier I have owned that cannot catch to save his life. Anything thrown to him, hits him on the head and then he picks it up. He is however the first Bull Terrier I have owned who will gladly play fetch. Baxter loves nothing more than bringing his  plastic toy Mouse affectionately named Mike. So if you call 'Mike, Mike,Mike he bounds around our house looking for either Mike 1 or Mike 2, he has two of them you see, both in various states of chewed'om...  
Mmmmm a load of dogs

Here we have Baxter checking out the sheep. I know people would think he would terrorise them, however I just think he thinks they are dogs like him. He is fascinated by other animals and just wants to play.
What a good lad
Baxter always looks good in a photo
Baxter that's a bit close m8
What a Handsome Boy
Resting his head, think he was getting bored
Awwww I love my Bax x
I really enjoyed my time out with my best friend today.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

'I have something to Show You'

On the 14th of April, two days before my birthday I received a very special email from my friend Brian. It was short and to the point saying,

'Hey Glenn, sorry for the long delay in response. I have been travelling and working non-stop... I have something to show you!'

Brian then went on to say he would be flying in to the UK as he had some work to do, however he had a few days open and would I like to hook up with him in London.

BTK Crossover, Brian Bartlett and Glenn Johnstone, London
Brian and Glenn
Well of course my answer was yes, however I had to firstly go into work the following day and excitedly ask my boss Annie 'Please can I have the 25th, 26th and the 27th of this month off, Brian is coming and I need to see him'. Annie knows the whole story of Brian and I so she was only to happy to check our Physio diary and say 'Yep book the days in and get yourself away'.

 'Yay I am off to London to meet my good buddy Brian' I was so excited.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

A lovely little stroll out with Wor Baxter

Just a shorty blog for today. Nothing out the ordinary or exciting really, just a short stroll out with wor Baxter, then meeting up with my dad 'The Ern' over by field near  'The Black Path'.
Glenn Johnston Amputee and English Bull Terrier
Through South Moor Park, come on Baxter

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Seemed like a nice day just to play

I really did not want to get out of bed for work this morning. Not because I do not enjoy my job I. love it. No I just felt really tired. This feeling of tiredness stuck with me all morning, right up until I finished work at around 12 Noon. As I drove home I was in two minds 'Mmmmmm, whether to have a extensive nana nap, or head out for a quick blast on my bike'. I decided heading out on my Fat Bike was a little more proactive so that is what I did.

It has been a lovely afternoon. I was able to ride in just a short sleeved jersey. As I was feeling a tad wiped out I did not go far and just headed to one of my regular haunts and Chapman's Well. Once there I decided to have a little play around on my Fattie.
Glenn Johnstone riding my Fat Bike In the Woods
In The Woods

Oh I almost forgot before commencing play I shot a very small video using my GoPro. I think I have mentioned my Hero4 is encountering some problems. It is making a horrible noise when ever connected to the WiFi on my mobile phone. I have been in touch with GoPro and the next stage in the 'sorting it out' process was to take a small video. All I was asked to do was connect my GoPro to my mobile device somewhere quiet. I then had to start recording leaving the camera on for 5 seconds, then say Testing 1,2,3,4 and 5, then leave for another 5 seconds, before switching the camera off. I then was to send the unedited file to GoPro, which I have now done, so just awaiting a reply.

I used to be able to wheelie good when I was a nipper. It's a lot harder with one leg

Anyhoo I only rode 7 miles today, most of which was spent goofing around as well as some me time to think things over. Why I need to think things over is beyond me as truth be known my mind never switches off. Inside my head there are constant illuminations, fireworks and various light shows 24/7.

I have been informed by a reliable source I need to try and meditate. I am just not very good at sitting still and I am easily distracted.

Chapman's Well

Sunday, 10 April 2016

I may possibly have invented a new sport

It's been a lovely day weather wise. I awoke this morning in good spirits, which is always good, especially after having a terrible nights sleep. From time to time I find myself having panic attacks. They come along without warning and I do not have to be feeling particularly stressed about anything. I tend to have lots of panic attacks when I have a cold. I think it's the whole breathing thing. Anyhoo as I could not sleep I decided to jot down my thoughts. No they don't make much sense on reflection and anyone unlucky enough to read them would think I am a complete wack job, so rather than share them here I think it's enough that I tell you, yes at times I am slightly 'cuckoo'. I don't care I think it makes me 'Special' lol.

So upon waking I decided it was a canny day to wash and hoover out Tango, my little Smart car. I love my little Smart. I know I get some funny looks from time to time when driving her, but I don't care she suits my personality. Bright orange, so draws attention...Oooh how I love attention, Fun, yep I like fun and reliable, yeah that's me. The good thing about having a little car is she doesn't take long to hoover and wash, hey presto done, what to do now?

I decided to watch a movie just as Ern came back in. It was called 'The Finest Hours'. It's based on a true story about a oil tanker that breaks apart and the 4 brave coast guards who set off to rescue 32 souls from the tanker in the fiercest seas imaginable. A very good flick and better than a lot of crap I have seen lately. Though I do have to say 'Dead Pool' was right up my street and I thoroughly enjoyed the film and humour. Ryan Reynolds plays a class part.

Movie finished I noticed a beautiful ray of sunshine shining through our front room and across our hardwood floor. 'That's it I'm off on my bike I thought'.

Surprisingly enough I actually managed to find everything I needed to just head out. Usually I plan an outing and I am on ages as I always can't find something or another.

I decided to venture over by Fox Parrot wood near Craghead. I took my GoPro. I didn't intend to ride far I just wanted to be out as it was such a lovely day.

As I got over to Fox Parrot I started taking a little footage. I had chosen to nip in alongside the allotments. I recalled last time I came this way getting slightly lost and venturing down a sort of hidden trail which was actually quite dangerous as there is a huge drop into the burn below down the hillside. 'I'm going to avoid that though' I thought to myself. Well my thoughts didn't exactly go to plan as I dropped further down the trail I inevitably found myself on this familiar trail which proceeded to get narrower and narrower. Omg my sense of direction is crap. Not this again... Last time I had to hike with my bike, crabbing along a trail which was no more than 6 inches across. In fact is this even a trail, which idiot would attempt to even come along here, let alone one with a bike and a prosthetic leg. 'Owww, Ouch crap, crap' Oh great and there are loads of brambles and those nasty thorny bush, tree things. 
I was listening to some tunes
There is a big drop behind me
The bank side was strewn with wild garlic, which was very slippery. So this made the going even more precarious. It took me ages to get from one side of the bank side to the other. Having to walk side ways and keep my bike as a sort of  support . My Bartlett Tendon kept getting snagged as well it was straight with the tendons attached. I began thinking for any 'normal' person this would be the equivalent of walking along the trail with a bike with their leg in a cast.

As I eventually reached the end my heart rate finally got back to normal I was buggered and at some point adrenaline must have kicked in as I hate heights lol. I began thinking this is more of a 'walk than a bike ride'. It was a Hike Bike, maybe a new extreme sport lol. The rules being you firstly have to have no sense of direction, be a bit thick oh and either be so stupid that you cannot see it would be safer just to go back the way you came, or so stubborn that you just continue on regardless. I like to think I am just stubborn.

I even tried taking some GoPro footage of me pushing my bike along the trail , but it is way to shaky as I was trying to hold on to  my bike with one hand , hold the GoPro with the other and watch I didn't fall off the trail and down this huge drop. The footage actually looked like something out of the Blair Witch all shaky and lots of noise as I jostled my camera around.

Well I have decided I am definitely not going that way again, not even with wor Baxter as he is bonkers and would end up at the bottom of the bank side in the burn way,way below.

I am now just typing my blog up before retiring to pop some cream on my scraped good leg. Those brambles don't half get you...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Out for a walk with Papa Bear and a slightly bonkers Bully

Eeeeeeeee! it's been quitesometime since I last Blogged, this is usually a sign of depression or low mood on my part, however in this instance that is not the case. In reality I have either not had time, or I have decided to keep the fairly interesting stuff to myself lol

Me and The Ern
Anyhoo although today's little 2.12 mile excursion was not what you would call particualrly interesting, for me it was lovely just to spend sometime with my dad and our slightly mental English Bull Terrier Baxter. I find in my job role and the people I meet I am constantly reminded just how fortunate I am. So many of us just take the simple things in life for granted. At times I do myself, however I always try to stop and think abut the importance of being mindful, considering all that I have and all that I can do.