Sunday, 24 April 2016

A lovely little stroll out with Wor Baxter

Just a shorty blog for today. Nothing out the ordinary or exciting really, just a short stroll out with wor Baxter, then meeting up with my dad 'The Ern' over by field near  'The Black Path'.
Glenn Johnston Amputee and English Bull Terrier
Through South Moor Park, come on Baxter

Each day although I may not be doing anything particularly exciting I am grateful just to be able to chose what I want to do (well when I am not at work or have other commitments, you know what I mean). I am not religious, however would say I am quite spiritual, so not entirely sure who I am saying 'Thank you' too. All I know is life can throw some serious crap your way,  and at any point, so being grateful for what you have and can do is something we all should just stop and think about now and again.

Glenn Johnstone amputee and Baxter English Bull terrier
Baxter checking out my camera
Glenn Johnstone amputee and Baxter the English Bull Twerrier out for a walk
Up the steps at the end of the Park, going towards the 'Drift'
I love heading out, it doesn't have to be anywhere particular I just enjoy taking in the fresh air, the various beautiful colours of things like the sky, trees and all the flowers that are starting to bloom. I love meeting people whilst I am out and sharing a small part of my day in conversation. And even though all I did was take wor Baxter for a walk from our house over and through South Moor Park ending up at the top of South Moor and the 'Black Path' I captured some special memories with my dog and my dad. Simple pleasures seeing my dad laugh as Baxter bounced all around him and nibbling his ear. I now have a few photo's of the day and a small video. I am happy!

Baxter the Englsih Bull Terrier, Glenn johnstone
What a handsome boy
 Baxter was really well behaved today, he didn't pull too much and when I let him off for this photo he didn't bugger off. Baxter has selective hearing, he can hear a crisp or sweet wrapper rustle at 100 yards, yet once outside it's like 'Huh I can't hear you'.

Baxter the Englsih Bull Terrier out for a walk
Baxter taking Ern for a walk
Oooh there is a Red Setter way off over the field
Looking Good Dude

Baxter the Englsih Bull Terrier, Glenn Johnstone
Baxter loves to run and jump and has a paunch-ant for chasing bumble bees
Watch the Birdie Baxter
Ahh Haaa I spot an unprotected ear
Ok this taking photo's is boring I'm off
Me, 'The Ern and wor Bax
Such a good Lad today
And that's all folks, well apart from i used my GoPro again today with the Wifi set up. Yep still got the annoying helicopter noise. Word of warning almost all GoPro's are encountering this problem just look upon the GoPro forums. I think it is a software problem as I never encountered this until I did a firmware update a few months back. GoPro seem to be avoiding the problem making out they are not really aware. My camera is out of warranty so I am rather frustrated and annoyed as you can imagine. It has put me off purchasing another GoPro

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