Saturday, 9 April 2016

Out for a walk with Papa Bear and a slightly bonkers Bully

Eeeeeeeee! it's been quitesometime since I last Blogged, this is usually a sign of depression or low mood on my part, however in this instance that is not the case. In reality I have either not had time, or I have decided to keep the fairly interesting stuff to myself lol

Me and The Ern
Anyhoo although today's little 2.12 mile excursion was not what you would call particualrly interesting, for me it was lovely just to spend sometime with my dad and our slightly mental English Bull Terrier Baxter. I find in my job role and the people I meet I am constantly reminded just how fortunate I am. So many of us just take the simple things in life for granted. At times I do myself, however I always try to stop and think abut the importance of being mindful, considering all that I have and all that I can do.
Ern and Baxter
Down the woods
Gravy Bones

Me and my bestie
 So moving on here we are with a few pictures I managed to grab with my GoPro. Speaking of GoPro's I am really disappointed with my Hero4. Each time I use it for video I am getting a noise on my videos, a little like a 'chop, chop.,  chop' of a helicopter. Upon further investigation I have read quite a few people have been experiencing the same problem. It is related to the WiFi function. My camera is now out of warranty so I am not a happy bunny, as this obviously is a known problem with the camera,  so not like I have dropped it or damaged it.
Ern threatening my dog by the look of it lol
Just the three of us

Beam us up Scotty

Awwww Baxter
 Here is a little video of Baxter in SAS mode


We ended up coming back over the Millennium Green way and playing with a stick , then Baxter found an old ball someone had left  so had fun chasing that for a while.
What a Handsome lad
Baxter is a right Character
Eyes on the prize
Jumping up Telly Tubby Hill

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