Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Broken Tango and a Surprise local loop

I awoke early this morning, way before my alarm went off, this gave me ample time to scoff some Crunchy Nut Cornflakes before I set off for work. Normally our back gates are left open on a night, so I can just reverse out into the back street and be on my way. Well this morning the gates were closed so I had to go open them so I could get Tango out.

After opening the gates I just happened to notice my rear valance was melted slightly and I could see the tip of my exhaust. Strange I thought. On closer inspection and a bit prod of my exhaust I discovered it was loose and just flopping around. Ahhh dammit so that is maybe the noise I have been hearing the last few weeks. I put it down to my car being so small and all these stupid speed bumps, which for my little car are like dropping off a cliff each time. I cannot avoid them like in a big car and most are very vicious, yes even when going at a relatively slow speed.

Anyhoo I had to borrow Ern's car and my dad said he would have a look at Tango for me.

 On my return from work Ern gave me the bad news my exhaust had snapped. Bloody hell I could do without that. Short story, kept short it has just cost me almost £200 for a new exhaust. Ah well the joys of motoring I guess. At least Tango is now sorted and I still love her lol.

Now to this afternoon and my very nice surprise of heading out to ride a local loop. My friend Lee called around as he was going for a short blast. I haven't seen Lee in what feels like ages, what with his shift pattern and well just life in general. So it was lovely that Lee thought of me and came around to see if I fancied a catch up and a bit of a look out.

Over at these ruins

I haven't had my Ibis out since Ern fitted the new Sram Guide brakes and my Rockshox Reverb dropper, so I decided to treat my oldest bike to a ride out. Le suggested we head off up the Farmers Trail. As we approached the trail it was water logged and very muddy. Me being me decided 'Oh I will go down the little steep gulley at the side of the gates and up the other side. My Ibis had other ideas and snagged it's front wheel on a piece of wood that was hidden in the puddle and I proceeded to fall off, with the same words I almost always use when things don't go according to plan 'Ahhhhh shit'. I fell to my Bartlett Tendon side, so nothing I could do. Clipped in with a leg that is not my own, well you get the picture. I just laughed about it with Lee, especially when Lee said 'I think I will just push my bike over'.

Lee checking out bivi spots

This afternoon was a glorious afternoon. We headed through No Place and along to Shield Row taking the back trails. From there we headed to Red Row and called into the Aston Workshop as I wanted to show Lee all the amazing cars. There were quite a few DB5's, you know like the original 007 Bond car. Lee and I commented on how cars just are not the same these days, not so much character and all made of plastics. These old cars are classics and beautiful to look at.


From the Aston Worshop we headed over towards Tanfield Railway and down the trail to these old like ruins. Both Lee and I are not sure what used to be here. It's a pretty area and Lee in typical Lee fashion commented 'Hey this would be a canny place to bivi'.

Glorious weather
All the pretty flowers in bloom
Enjoying the afternoon
Lee chilling with an apple

A few photo's nabbed and then we were off again, using the Tanfield Railway path and having to cross the Causey Arch Bridge. To think before I started riding again I had never seen the Causey Arch bridge. Once at the end of the Railway path, we cut through the factories at Tanfield and were soon on the C2C and on our way home. Only around 12 miles or so covered, but we did take in some canny banks, one of which I showed Lee. It is the footpath from Barn Hill at Shield Row and it takes you up to Stanley, coming out at the indoor market. Phewww granny gear all the way up.

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