Monday, 23 May 2016

Bored tonight so been Tiggering with Baxter

I was especially bored tonight so whilst listening to music on the TV I thought I would try my running blade on and see if my old check socket kind of fit.

I haven't ran in probably a year as my chemotherapy last year put a temporary hold on my goals and aspirations. I am now awaiting to have a new check socket made with Paul Richardson my prosthetist over at Pace Rehabilitation and then hopefully I can concentrate on getting my technique and much needed fitness back on track. Running is so far the hardest thing I have attempted as an amputee. Not so much the whole motion of the prosthesis, no more that I'm a relatively old fart and my cardio sucks lol.

Anyhoo tonight I as I say I popped my running blade on and me and the Baxter had a little bounce around our sitting room, hence the 'Tiggering'.

Phewwww! a few minutes of bouncing and I had a sweat on, but it was quite a laugh and we both had a bit of fun.

Ooh I also got to try my new GoPro out. GoPro were fantastic when I reported the problem I was having with my camera. Even though it was 2 years old and out of warranty they replaced my camera with a new one and it looks like it is working great, so very happy.


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