Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ooh a few prezzies from my friend Natalie

A few weeks back my friend Natalie from work, quite out the blue said 'Oh I have a surprise for you Glenn'. 'Mmmm whatever could it be I thought' Natalie then went on to explain that she is a reviewer for Amazon and as such gets items to test and use and offer feedback. Well thinking of me Nat had offered to review an after market Zookki Accessories Bundle kit for the GoPro. As you can see from the link the kit comprised of quite a few handy accessories.

Small Kookki Kit
I meant to test the kit asap, however what with one thing and another I just have not had time. Anyhoo last week Nat sent me a txt saying 'Oh I have received another accessory kit would you like it, this one comes in a case and has more stuff'. Well you can never have enough Gopro mounts and gadgetry so of course I said yes.

So today after leading my voluntary walk group over at South Moor I came home and decided it's a nice day I may as well take a few pics and see what these accessories are like and write a sort of mini review. I thought I'd write about the second kit I got from Nat the Kookki Essential Ultimate Bundle as it's the bigger of the kits and comes with what is essentially in the smaller kit, however with obviously that bit more in ways of mounts,stickers and a few more accessories. You can see the whole bundle by following the link above.
Kookki Caseand Kit
Large Kookki Kit
Ok so the Kookii Ultimate Bundle comes complete in a nice zipped case. The case is supplied with a type of velvet bag with draw cords and has the Kookki logo on the front. All your accessories can be found inside the case (again check the link at Amazon to see the complete listing of equipment). First impressions are good. I did find on a few of the mounts my GoPro Hero 4 protective case took a bit of coaxing into place. Non of the plastic accessories cracked or snapped and I think once the threaded bolts have been popped in and out a few times things will become a lot easier.

The Kookki chest mount was just as good as the original GoPro one I have. It has the same adjustment and felt nice and comfy and secure.
Kokki Chest Mount, thumbs Up
If I am giving an honest review I would say one of the things I am most disappointed in was the selfie stick. Whilst it has great attachment and can be manipulated into many angles, where Kookki have gone wrong is in making it like an extendible Ariel. You see the GoPro will not sit on the top of the stick as it turns and always rotates to the bottom. I also found the adjustable bracket supplied to be flimsy, so when attached to my bike it bounced all over and I don't think it would last long if encountering any bumps. On a positive note I did find the bracket and stick really useful for getting unusual shots by clamping the bracket to railings or tree branches. This means you can do ride bys and film yourself from different and interesting angles.

I'm not good with a selfie stick
Selfie stick and bracket work well in trees
Stick and bracket great for popping on railings
Nice ride by shots, easy to attach bracket
Attached in a tree
Great for ride in and ride out positions
Another bit of kit I really like and forgot to use was the wrist strap. I figure the wrist strap could also be used as a back back mount and if you take out the thinner strap and mount, you could use it as a helmet strap.

Another neat accessory is the suction cup mount. Ideal if you want to fasten your GoPro to your car. I may get Ern to do this and do a drive by whilst out on my roadie lol.

All in all as an after market kit this Kookki one is not a bad buy. It has loads of mounts for your GoPro, along with threaded bolts, sticky pads and extensions, so that you can adjust the position of your camera so that you can capture that perfect angle. I don't know about you but I am always loosing bits and bobs whilst out mountain biking. Now I can just go to my Kookki case and grab and lay my hands on the ideal accessory for the job.

Thanks Nat x