Monday, 25 July 2016

Bath Tub Loop 3 times

Due to socket issues, my everyday limb is killing me I haven't been out and about as much. Yes you can always tell with me when things are not so good as my blog kind of gets left on the sidelines.

Well today even though I am sporting a nasty bruised and sore sensitive area I thought enough of sitting around. You see I am on 3 days hols and there is nothing I hate more than sitting around when I am off, it is just so depressing. I hate being inactive.

At the moment I am in check socket phase with Pace Rehabilitation on both my Bartlett Tendon and Arctic ONE/ Challenged Athletes running blade. I have just lost loads off my little leg since chemotherapy last year, going down from a 34cm liner to a 30cm. Man it's tough when nothing fits, but hey ho, hopefully if I can manage not to get too sore before my new NHS check socket is complete I might be able to get out and ride and practice a spot of running, which I have to add is horrendous at the moment.

Possibly the oldest Cobbles In South Moor
Anyhoo back to today. I have been riding over on Chapman's Wells for years now, it is one of my favourite places as it is local and pretty quiet. Of late I have been riding over and depending on which way I go it is anything from 1.7 to 3 miles away. From there I do a nice little 1.7 mile loop, which is all off road apart from one tiny section. It's a canny loop for building up my fitness as it ends in quite a steep off road section. I enjoy changing things up to test myself and stop from getting bored, so on some occasions I will see how quick I can do the loop and then on others I will complete the loop in one gear, then on the next time round increase to a harder gear for the climb.

Through Glass Wood

Possibly Oldest path in South Moor
In between all this I also fool around and try to get a few snaps. I rode something like 15 miles today I know not epic, however like I say I am sore. Once home a quick rub down and I popped on my running blade and tried a little bit of jogging up and down the street.

Out on the Pyga after having wheels sorted, keep breaking spokes

I am really finding it hard to motivate myself at the moment. I just think it's a bit of a domino effect. Lots of little things all coming at once, which inevitably end up having a big impact on my overall wellbeing.

This is for my good friend Mark Peterson, yes I almost fell off LoL
Bath Tub Loop I named it myself
Maybe a new bike is what is needed LoL

Mondraker Crafty RR 27.5+

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