Monday, 10 October 2016

A few days away with Claire

It has been sometime since I last blogged, however rest assured I am still around. Quite a lot of stuff being going on, however quite a bit of it negative and that is most certainly not what I am about so took a bit of a time out. I mean we all have enough negativity without reading about someone else's right.

Anyhoo this blog is going to be relatively short, mainly because I am just back from a 5 hour drive from visiting Scotland and Oban with Claire my partner in crime. Claire had been telling me that she would love to visit Scotland and go to see Fingal's Cave. So I took a week off work and found us accommodation for 3 nights at The Lagnakeil Highland Lodges. I then booked us a 3 Island Tour, which took in Mull, Staffa and Iona. Fingal's Cave been situated on Staffa.
Claire and I at Fingal's Cave


As usual I am going to whine about my photography skills, but hey at least I try.Lots of deleted  shots, but some did come out ok I guess. I am glad I can rely on my Lumix, it's more my stamp just point and click none of this fannying around with Iso's and F stops. The shots I got with my DSLR  are as usual more  to do with good luck than skill lol.

I am going to try and let the pics do the talking as to be honest I cannot describe the beauty of the parts of Scotland we visited. This was the furthest I have been up in that way and I have to say if I had the money to stay up in that part of the world I would. I particularly enjoyed the Island of Mull and was saying to Claire I could picture myself just living a life of lesuire there. Riding my bike each day, taking wor Baxter out for a walk and in the warmer weather swimming in the open water. There are lots of inlets and tributaries some of which have are right next to the various houses which are dotted about. Some of the homesteads and houses are amazing, it is so tranquil and I could see it as my pace of life...slow. Ahhhh! Everyone needs a pipe dream lol.

Early morning at Oban Harbour near Ferry Terminal

Claire with her newly acquired hat which really came in handy, well heady really
Both Claire and I enjoyed every minute of our 3 Island trip. The only real scary part was on the Isle of Staffa and climbing up the cliff to get on the top of the island. Dear me the metal steps are steep and what with only a thin rope to hold on to my heart rate was raised slightly. Claire said she was very proud of me as quite a few other people looked to be struggling up and down the stairs. I thought going up was ok to be honest. Coming down was another matter. I am not a fan of heights and boy did it look steep coming down. At one point Claire's heart rate was at 130 beats according to her FitBit. Claire even came back down step by step on her bottom, it appears she was even more scared than I was.

Staffa Tours Boat      
I love boats Me

Glad I wrapped up
Calm on the way there a bit choppy on way back

A bit of a splash
 Here are some pics of Fingal's Cave and the rock strata


Tourist Info

A Handy Life Belt

View from top

Well done you made it
Taking to the bum for on the way down

Almost there

Claire's Opinion of the Staffa Steps

A lot steeper than they look
It's a canny way down

Happy to be back down and waiting for boat
Staffa Tours Boat

The climb down and onto boat

Just waiting to get picked up

The boat then picked us up off Staffa and took us to the island of Iona. I am not good at recalling stuff, but can seem to remember the tour dude on the boat saying that this was the burial place of the Kings. Once on Iona we visited the Abbey and had a scout around the island. Again very pretty. As we walked back towards where the ferry would pick us up I got my eye on a Sea Eagle, who was being harried by a rather large crow. I went to grab a shot but typical they both buggered off. We were hoping to get some small gifts for loved ones on Iona, however the price of stuff is rather expensive. I think it is because the islands rely on tourists so everything seems at a premium.


A walk through the Cemetery

The Oldest Building on Iona

Claire was quite proud of this shot

Iona Abbey

Just a random shot on Iona
Saw this old bike next to some lobster pots
You really are quite silly Claire
Aye Aye Captain

Beautiful as the sun went down on way back

Sun starting to go down
From Iona the ferry arrived to pick us up and take us back to Mull. We then boarded the bus and had a lovely ride back through the beautiful rolling hills, seeing more Hawks and Eagles, as well as a few deer. Once at the other side of Mull, back on the large ferry and back to Oban. Saturday was a long day. Claire did really well as she had developed a rather nasty chest infection through the course of our time away.

McCaig's Tower and Gavanan Sands

On Sunday we visited Oban, taking in McCaig's Tower and then heading over to spend a few hours just relaxing over at Ganavan Sands.

At Gavanan Sands
Sun starting to go down

Following Ganavan Sands we popped into a local Lidl and grabbed our tea, taking in a 40 minute scenic route back to our lodge. As we passed various houses we made plans with what we would spend our lottery winnings on (should we ever win of course) lol

So much to see around Oban
Simply beautiful
Not the best blog description in the world, but hey I am tired. I would love to return to Scotland along with Claire and maybe a couple of Fat Bikes and head out on an epic adventure, just got to convince her she needs a Fat Bike in her life. 

It's pretty awesome to have someone to share adventures with, even if she won't always do as she is told. Naughty Claire. Upon arriving home Claire went to her local NHS drop in Health Centre and proceeded to get a right bollocking off the doctor on duty as her chest infection is quite serious. See if she had listened to me I would have rubbed some Vic on her chest and Bobs your aunty she would have been fighting fit.


  1. Lovely pictures and a wonderful few days
    .... Claire xc

  2. Great blog entry & pics Glenn, hope you get to go back soon! :-) Pete

    1. Hi Pete I would love to relocate up in Scotland. In fact should I come into some money I will be heading straight for the Isle of Mull, seen a rather nice house I like the look of. I can imagine Fat Biking each day and just wandering the isle taking in all the natural beauty. A nice stress free, relaxed lifestyle Ahhhhh...