Saturday, 18 March 2017

Baxter has redesigned his bed

So after eating his previous bed, Ern (my dad) decided to get wor Baxter a brand new bed for under our stairs. Baxter has now had the said new bed just over a week and decided to redesign it by chewing the outer edge.
Anyone seen wor Baxter
At first we thought it was just shear vandalism (at one point when Baxter was just a pup I had thought about changing his name to Vandal as it seemed quite apt for him lol) But no, Baxter must have pre-planned his intentions and has now made his bed into a sleeping bag. 

There he is
This dog is not only Bonkers, but so adorable, he is now tucked up under the stairs fast asleep inside his errrrr bed!. I reckon in a past life he must have enjoyed the odd spot of bivving and camping out lol.

It's a hard life

Wonder what he is dreaming about
No Doubt tomorrow there will be bits of foam all over the house, or who knows he may decide to move on and create a tent....

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