Saturday, 15 April 2017

A Ride to The Hub on Newcastles Quayside.

It's been another 3 weeks since I last rode. I am feeling pretty crap, it's being going on around 3 months now. Another trip to the doctors last week and I was put on more  anti-biotics to try and combat this chest and throat infection I have been suffering with.

Baxter with Silverback Synergy
Baxter, he is such a good lad

During the week I had arranged to head out with my pal John and one of my other friends Paul. Unfortunately Paul couldn't make it, so it was just me and John this morning. I had set my alarm for 7:00 am and when it went off I awoke with an "Urrggghhhh". I felt absolutely dreadful. It crossed my mind to ring John and tell him "sorry mate, but I just don't feel good", however I dragged myself out of bed with the thought I may feel better after getting ready and a bite of toast and a nice cuppa. Following my toast and cup of tea I headed upstairs to brush my teeth. I have been coughing so much lately that I am retching and whilst brushing my gob it started again. Man I am pissed off at the moment. Here I am coughing and feeling sick, my throat is killing me and I keep getting earache. To top it all off the nurse who I saw at the doctors practice informed me if I am not feeling better after this course of anti-biotics I may have to see a specialist as my nodes are up. It is not what I want to hear or even think about and brings back memories of how I was feeling when I got diagnosed with non Hodgkins. 

Something else whilst I am on is my energy levels, or should I say lack of them. Hey maybe it's old age I am after all 49 tomorrow.

Anyhoo moving on I felt I couldn't let my mate John down. He has been getting himself a Fat Bike, a Mongoose Argus Fat, or as John calls it a Mongoose Argue Fat. Really John your spelling whilst posting about your new bike is shocking, get the name right man, it did make me chuckle however and I like to tease John, he is a jolly good sport and gets my sense of humour which can be pretty dark at times.

Up the Farmer trail
John loving his new bike

Fatties at Tanfiled Railway
Today's adventure was to be a ride to The Hub on the Quayside at Newcastle. I seem to do all the planning John just goes with the flow. It was also a day of tinkering for John with his new ride, he must have stopped at least 6 times to adjust his seat post, oh and also had a tinker with his headset. As long as he didn't pop off into the bushes to tinker with something else it's all good.

Me headsets clicking, listen listen me headsets clicking
Tinker, tinker, you little tinkerer you
Normally I would write about the way we went and so forth, but I think it can get boring reading about the whole route,so needless to say from Stanley to Newcastle, taking in Tanfield railway Trail and Watergate Park. 

Trying to get in position before the GoPro went off

John just befor he adjusted his seat yet again
John must have thought I was getting too excited he is ready to catch me
Having a laugh
Whenever we go out I hate coming back the same way, it's kind of boring. So I changed things up and brought us home via Team Valley into Lamsley , then on to Birtley and up the cycle track. It is 6.33 miles from the Wheatsheaf (I think it's called that) and John commented saying I didn't think you would come this way...Yes he knows I hate the ride up the cycle track. It is endless and sooooo bloody boring as well as being a constant drag. By the time we got to the C2C I was buggered. Roughly 6 miles home into a stupid head wind. Thoughts turned to "why didn't I buy and electric bike LoL" Oh and before I forget, it also started spitting on with rain at Team Valley, so I had a whine about my dads Amazon Echo, stupid Alexa get your weather facts right.

On the Tracks
Playing on the steps at the Baltic

Grow up LoL
I rode at a snails pace up the C2C, in fact a snail would probably have put me to shame. As we went up the track we passed an elderly bloke with his 2 walking sticks. I joked to John I bet he passes me a little further up the road. As we approached Beamish I said to John  "I am going to cut up and head up Beamish Hills to No Place" and from there home. My gas tank was running on empty, in fact I think my gas tank had a hole in it and what ever was in it had gone. I managed to get half way up Beamish Hills bank, then just totally ran out of steam, so got off and had to have a little bit of a push up the hill. Once I got into No Place and the off road trail which leads to the Farmers trail and home I part rode part pushed until I got to the downhill section and could rally down to the Famous Ladies housing estate. Almost home, dear me that was one of the toughest outings in ages and I only covered 28.5 miles. I think it is a combination of being unwell and off the bike for long periods.

I know it is not exactly far, but I guess I am proud as I dug deep and did not quit, wanting to make it home myself instead of ringing Ern and saying "Please come get me I think I am dying" LoL

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