Monday, 21 August 2017

A couple of little purchases

I cannot really call this a review as the couple of purchases I have made I have not really had a chance to use. I was just so excited on receiving the gear that I thought I would share my initial, well excitement at gadgety stuff...I know "Geek" right!

First off is my recent acquisition to hopefully protect me from the daily presence of Muppets as I go to and from work. Well not so much protect I mean for that I would need a Chieftain Tank, more cover my back...Oh and I guess my front too.

I purchased a HP f870g Dash Cam, which is full 1080 HD and also comes with a neat little rear camera which records in 720. I purchased the camera from here is the link HP Dash Cam 1080HD f870g

HP dash cam

I have only had the camera in two days, Ern has not finished hard wiring the complete set up, so no rear cam as yet. Initial thoughts. I like the size of the camera, it hides behind my rear view mirror and the GPS sensor is on top of the camera built in so no need for a separate gps, along with additional cable. The camera is very easy to set up and use, gives good warnings and the software does everything I need. The picture quality looks great. Only had a look at one recording of me going to work and that was in really bright sunlight. Some of these dash cams can be rather expensive, so for the money I think this is just the job and just gives me that piece of mind in case I get bumped again.

My second purchase are a pair of Lezyne Zecto Max 250 lumen front and rear lights. I am really excited to give these bad boys a go. The lights themselves are a little bigger than I though and also a little heavier than I expected. I bought them with the plan of affixing them to my back pack, to replace a couple of ordinary low lumen output blinkers ( which kept going flat). I would say my only concern with these lights is the way they attach. Not so much when attaching to a handlebar as the rubber straps provided would stretch over the bars and hold pretty securely in place. My biggest worry I guess is that because these lights are quite expensive, £47.99 Rear and £32.99 Front that I may lose one or both off my bag. I may have to think of a way to ease my mind and sort some way of adding a secure method of attachment.

Can't wait to try these out
Not convinced by attachment, when fitting to a bag
I have turned both light on and man are they bright. They also flash and blink in some pretty funky ways. I like the little power leds on the side to let you know how much battery you have remaining.

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