Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A couple of articles about my journey.

Hi guys...

Silverback Synergy Fat with BTK Crossover
Out on my Silverback Synergy Fat with BTK Crossover
A few weeks back I was approached by Silverback Bikes and their Brand Communications Specialist Temarah Galant. I recall mentioning this in an earlier blog. Well today I got an email notifying me that a couple of articles had been released about my journey. From taking ill to the years of pain and misery and finally electing to have my leg amputated. Both articles are just a short time lapse affair, however for those interested they are a canny read.

I hope there are some people that can take inspiration and discover that you do not have to be super human to find the support you may require in wanting to achieve your goals. There are genuine people and companies out there that are willing to offer support for the ordinary guy or gal in the street. Of course you get nothing for nothing. You have to prove you are not a quitter and that you are tenacious, motivated and have the ability to accept your failures, learn then move on to your successes.

I cannot thank everyone mentioned in the articles enough for their support, as well as quite a few people who are not mentioned, but who have helped me achieve my victories along the way.

Anyhoo hope you enjoy

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