Saturday, 19 May 2018

How many beautiful messages the kintsugi technique conveys

I discovered this rather interesting topic and page on-line. The art of Kintsugi can convey many beautiful messages about resilience and how even though we can become damaged throughout life, it can make us more beautiful, unique and precious.

Upon reading various pages on the subject of  kintsugi, or kintsukuroi, literally golden (“kin”) and repair (“tsugi”). It has made me think of my own journey and the adversity I have faced. From an amputee point of view many of us go on to display our limbs, as a kind of badge of honour. I believe the psychology of this could be as a result of us just trying to say "Yeah I may have lost a limb, however look at how I am overcoming this situation". Of course many people suffer from hidden disabilities, this can include mental health problems. A daily struggle with one self and the world about them.

Hopefully by sharing this, once read it will bolster some people and give them a little room to reflect. What ever they have or indeed are facing, should be with the knowledge that they are unique and although they may feel broken, they can be repaired and are a one off beautiful creation. We can only really receive love and respect from others when we love and respect ourselves. Those that do try to bring us down are generally insecure about themselves.

Hope you enjoy the read., which you can find below


The Japanese art of kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride.

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