Thursday, 31 May 2018

Time to say goodbye

After much thought and consideration I have decided to thin out my fleet of bicycles. It's a bit of a sad day, well from a blokes point of view, as we tend to build up more of a bond I guess with inanimate objects, such as cars and bikes.

For sale on Pink bike

Ns Soda Air 2013

Transition Klunker 2013 

NS Analog 2011

3 bikes for sale

Looking through some of my old photo's it surprised me at just how long I had had each bike. It was nice to peruse some of the images as it brought back some nice memories of fun times, with both family and friends.

All in good fettle

All 3 bikes, a 2011 NS Analog a 2013 NS Soda Air and a 2013 Transition Klunker are in really good fettle and a real credit to me in how I have cared for them over the years. Yeah there are a few chips here and there, some of which poor Ern got blamed for as he tends to be more wreck less than me when moving my bikes around or putting them away.

Of course I will be continuing to ride, as even if I manage to get these 3 bikes sold I will still have another 5 to pick from. Oh plus my little Benneli TNT Monkey bike if I fancy something motorised.

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