Friday, 15 June 2018

"I Have a Dream"

As many of you know this is a famous quote by Dr Martin Luther King Jr from his iconic speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. Well I too have a dream, and whilst it may not bring me fame and hopefully will not lead to me being shot,for me it is no less ambitious.

My particular dream started back in 2016, when I took a few days annual leave from work and decided to visit Scotland with my then girlfriend. We choose to visit Oban and the surrounding islands of Mull, Staffa and Iona. Oban is a lovely part of the Sottish mainland, however nothing could have prepared me for the beautiful Isle of Mull. I was in total awe of the isle as we trundled along in our tour bus. I believe I have Scottish ancestory, going way back, the Johnstone name being associated with Dumfries and Galloway, so maybe this Scottish heritage called to me, regardless I fell in love with the rolling hills and glens, the wildlife and the overall beauty of the place.

Upon arriving home from our short trip, it was all I could talk about and I began looking at different parts of Scotland with property and land,it became an obsession, a sort of waking daydream,followed by the usual night time dreams, my imagination running riot. Obviously my passion is still afire, probably more so. And when browsing the web I discovered this house,

Dream Big
THE house, is situated in a place of unrivalled beauty. I have never been to this particular area, however I know it is just me and deep inside I feel I belong there. Hopefully in this life, if not I will have my name down for first dibs in another. I can just see myself standing proud outside the front door "Johnstone" kilt a fluttering in the breeze...calm down ladies.

Mentally I can fall into the scene of images I have printed off. I can envisage every detail. The smell of the pine needles from the nearby woods, walking beneath the canopy of trees the sound of gravel beneath my feet the waves of the loch gently lapping at the shore. There I can taste the early morning dew, licking my lips against the chilly morning air. An eagle flying above hills and rolling glens. His view far superior to mine and yet I am more than content to just be there. The sky a hue of various blues, with white fluffy clouds, which all reflect upon the loch,creating a mirrored image which takes my breath away. All of my senses attuned to this natural magnificent gift. The scene plays as if on a giant screen in my head. Time paused,mentally I capture the image as if taking a photograph within my mind.


Over the years I have been through some tough times and faced quite a bit of adversity. There have been times in my darkest days where there was no rock bottom, it went far beyond that. I felt as if stood on the precipice of a dark chasm. Endless, eternal darkness before me, a stiff wind at my back. It was as if I was on the brink of being lost mentally. Somehow there would be no return. With the support of some fantastic people and arming myself with various bits of knowledge, taught and read I was able to fight back. I have learned that your life is mainly guided by your mindset. If you are feeling lost, negativity can shield you from the light and  when you expect bad thing to happen, then guess what you are going to get exactly what you expected. Yeah some things are out of our control, but hey it doesn't half help if you can change your mindset and try and see beyond the here and now and discover a more positive you.

A simple analogy...

Imagine you have your alarm set for an early morning start, it doesn't go off, you get out of the “wrong side of bed”, stub your toe as you frantically get ready for work. You hobble through to the bathroom to give your teeth a quick brush and drop toothpaste on your clean, now dirty top. As you rush to get down stairs you stumble and sprain your ankle. Now you can't find your car keys and when you finally do, on the way to work you hit every red light. Wow a pretty bad start to the day it can only get worse...Right? WRONG!

Lets look at this morning again. Your alarm doesn't go off, “crap I am late”...“Oh well I had better get ready”. You stretch, it takes a few seconds. You get yourself out of bed, thinking “Mmmm I got out of the other side this morning”. Off to the bathroom you go. “Oops I dropped some toothpaste on my top”, no big deal, “I'll either give it a rub up or change my top”. You take your time down the stairs and discover your car keys are not where you usually leave them. “Ahh that's right I got in late last night and left them???”  Soon you are out the door and off to work. You appear to hit every red traffic light, “ah well I am late anyway and it is a lovely day, plus I am almost there safe and sound”. You get into work a little late,apologise and no one bats an eye. Bonus no bruised toe and no sprained ankle. The rest of your day goes smoothly.

Armed with positivity I am now trying to attract more of what I do want and a little less of what I don't into my life. Yeah the dream or vision of achieving my goal is a very ambitious one, however if I doubt myself then I don't stand much chance. I am sure you have all heard of this Law, it is called the law of attraction. It is a proven scientific phenomena. How many times have you actually thought something was going to happen, or focused on something and as if by magic, not necessarily immediately that thing appears in your life. The majority of the time we don't give it a second thought. 

A bit like the earlier example think bad thoughts and poor me and bad stuff will start flowing to you as that is your current mindset. Start thinking positive and about what you do want and you are more likely to see good things come into your life.

Ok back to this dream thing. Of course, my dream is not just about having this place of exceptional beauty. Although it would be amazing to live there I would still want to do something with my life. It would be no good just owning a house in a beautiful area and saying “well that's it, Job Done”, all I am going to do is retire and find the odd job or go for a ride or walk now and again. 

I have gone on to think ahead, what would I find rewarding and fulfilling. Could I possibly share my dream or parts of it? Yes of course I could. There are many places of natural beauty in Scotland. I would like to invest in some kind of guest/holiday accommodation, within this area I have discovered. From there I would like to go on and offer the opportunity for people to visit, walk, ride or even paddle in the loch. Over night camps and just a real sense of adventure, taking in the sites with amazing photographic opportunities, as well as learning some of the history of the area. I would like to create some sort of retreat, accessible to all, so that people can gather their thoughts and just relax.

It's nice to have peace and quiet at times, however I would not really want to be socially isolated as I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. I could imagine sitting around a camp fire upon an evening and listening to various tales and adventures.

Many of my family, friends and work colleagues think I am off in La La Land. I have even spoken to complete strangers whilst out and about, some of which have gone on to wish me the best of luck with my dream. I am teased openly at times, all good fun. I guess the majority of people never have their own dreams come true so how can they expect mine to. I figure I am putting in so much more effort than most so lets just see. Hey this could be a kind of “I told you so”, watch this space LoL

I wake up on a morning and the first thing I do is think about this house off on the shores of the loch. I have a “dream board” which has various pictures pinned upon my wall. First thing on a morning and last thing at night I look at each picture and visualise, being there and add to my plan. Because I am thinking of this so much and talking about it, yes even to myself lol it kind of feels real and obtainable.

I will leave you with a few of my favourite quotes of the moment.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions”.
Henry Ford (1863 - 1947)
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you are right."

And in ending I started with 

Dr Martin Luther King Jr (1929 -1968) so here is a quote from him.

“Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step”

Oh and hey this is my dream, so go get your own LoL

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