Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Decided to Re- edit yesterdays video

I was a bit bored today so decided to get up and wash my bike and  re-edit the video I took yesterday and re-upload it.

Whilst messing around with some song choices I also came up with an idea for another small movie I'd like to shoot so going to wait until the weather is a bit better and have a go at that, which should be fun.

As I've been working in Newcastle at the Royal Victoria Infirmary I've gotten to see a bit more of the "TooN" and have a nice idea for a short shoot to some rather cool music from a film I'm sure you will all have either seen or heard about, so watch this space. 

Anyhoo here is the new version of my video. If anyone has any tips or tricks on how I can make any future films I do more interesting then please feel free to offer advice. 

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