Sunday, 13 March 2016

Just messing with John

It's been a canny weekend, yesterday I was out on a date and had one of the most enjoyable days I have had in a long time. Not giving away too much however watch this space. Today although I spat my dummy out and had a proper tantrum with both my GoPro and stupid mobile phone it was still a good laugh just hanging and messing around with John. 


I love the fact I can cheer John up and like all my friends which I feel so lucky to have John is always supportive. He even messaged me at 5:30 am the other morning to wish me luck on my date and to give me the advice 'Just be yourself pal'. 'What you mean bonkers' I replied back.

Today has been quite a change weather wise, it was only last week I was out and thought I had hypothermia and couldn't feel my hands. It felt close to removing the jacket and riding in a jersey again, get in cannot wait.

I asked John did he fancy helping me shoot a video. This means we don't go far, but we always have a good laugh as something or other happens. Today as we arrived at the start location I thought would be good for a small movie and went to sync my GoPro with my mobile the bloody thing just would not play. I think what annoyed me the most was I managed to get the two bits of tech working last week and I had frozen sausages for digits, yet today they just were not having it. John had to calm me down as I was very tempted to sling both the camera and my phone...I despise tech that doesn't just work.

13.03.2016 JUST MESING WITH JOHN from Glenn Johnstone on Vimeo.
Today was all about playing
Anyhoo we decided 'Ahhh we are out now, we will just wing the filming' I had brought my Wizmount backpack to give that another ago, still not entirely happy with results, but hey. I think next major purchase, other than a new Fat Bike of course will have to be an autonomous multicopter lol.

I can see you

John looks like a gnome
It's handy when someone is with you helping you to make a video as they can set the camera away and it means not so much riding back and forth. Being out gives John and I a good chance to have a catch up and I don't think he was to bored when I was telling him how much I had enjoyed going on my first date, well I didn't see him yawning and he was not trying to quicken the pace to get me so out of breath I couldn't talk lol.

Lean on me
Just posing
I managed not to go over the bars. This is scary with one leg
We had a proper laugh after we had come down the trail from the farmers house, as John decided to play some tunes on his mobile phone. As I was sorting stuff out on my bike, well the tune just made me feel a bit daft and up for a laugh so I invited John to a dance off in the middle of the trail. It's hard dancing for me at the best of times, but even more so in my Bartlett Tendon. We were both creased with laughter and for me being out with your mates, this is what it is all about. My friends all know I have a particularly funny side and often comment on my wit and dry sense of humour.

John heading over to the pond on Chapman's

I enjoyed today, and after filming and getting a few snaps ,both John and I headed home. As we approached Langley View and the place I always remember as the '3 Stones' at the top of the black path I discovered I had got a puncture in my front tyre. I have not had one for ages so I guess I was due one. I couldn't be bothered to take the wheel off via the axle as well it is a right pain to get the axle back in, so John and I just pulled the tyre and tube out whilst the wheel was still in the forks. Not sure if my tyre will be up on my next adventure but hey it got me home.
Knackered after my out of saddle sprint
John says what a poser lol
Coming through the woods
Still a lot of mud about

Attempting a bunny hop

Oh almost forgot, this week, Thursday to be exact I went to the Banff Film Festival with my friend Al. It was a really good night and I would encourage anyone to go who is into extreme sports or likes  really good short films about nature, stuff like that.

Checkout Denali, this short movie really moved me. Unbranded was an awesome movie too about 4 University students who upon finishing Uni then went and adopted Mustang horses and travelled through some of the roughest and most beautiful country the US has to offer. Travelling 3,000 miles by horse, amazing.



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  1. Great blog today Glen, loving the kean sound track very nice, video fab - poor John getting his ears bashed about your date, loving the dance moves! Claire